Elissa: Dinner

I LOVE Ria's dad's cooking.  It just tastes so amazing, I don't know how he does it.  I spend quite a lot of time at Ria's for dinner, my dad isn't around a lot and my mum doesn't mind and they are both awful cooks, most of their food is inedible.

'Thanks so much for dinner.'

'No problem El.  You know you're always welcome.'  Ria's dad was always so nice to me, it felt like I was part of their family.

'We're going back upstairs, I'll see you later dad.'  Ria gave her dad a hug and a kiss and we were soon back in her room.  'So what else do you think these things can do?'

'Well from what we've discovered so far if you think of what you want while tapping it, it happens.'  I felt so clever, I wasn't normally good at that sort of thing, I was better at creative subjects like art and music.

'I wonder if there are any limits to what we can do.'  Ria's eyes were alight.

'I wouldn't like to test that one Ria, things could go wrong.'

'Stop being such a baby.  Hold on to me.'  She grabbed my hand and tapped her wrist.

The End

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