Sam: Uhh...

"Ahh" Ria's voice says from somewhere.

"Ria? El?" I say nervously. Am I hearing things?

"Hi guys.... Ria how do you work these things out?" that's Vee.

"Sorry guys. I was just thinking of talking to you and well..... sort of a communicator" Ria says

"Girls! Dinner's ready!" I hear a faint shout.

"Guys we have to go... we'll meet up at the park tomorrow" then there's a muffled 'click' . 

"Vee? Are you still there?" no answer. I guess she's gone too.

"Sam, who are you talking to?" Todd comes to my bedroom door. He's my older brother.

"Uhh... no-one."

"Yes you are. I heard you. Have you got your friends round?"

"No. I'm... uhh... on MSN" I plat the nudge sound for emphasis.

"I don't believe you but mum and dad'll never believe me if I say you have friends over"

"I don't have friends over!" I exclaim. Todd just laughs and goes back to his room. I play on my computer for a bit.

"Sam! Do you want something to eat or did you eat with El, Vee and Ria?" Mum calls up the stairs.

"I'm coming!" I yell back and run downstairs.

"What's that?" she eyes my bracelet which happens to be glowing faintly.

"Oh, umm, it's a friendship bracelet. We all have one"

"It looks like it's bonded to your skin though" she notes.

"It's not. The.. uhh... glow-in-the-darky thing makes it look like that" I say the first thing that comes into my head. She nods and hands me some cheese on toast.

The End

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