Ria: Sleepover

El was staying at mind tonight. We'd promised my Dad we'd be back for tea.

So what we were a few minutes late luckily he didn't get angry.

"Bye Guys" Me and El says as we take a different direction for my house.

"You think your Dad will be mad" El asks.

"No, its not that late" I say shrugging. "But who knows"

We get to my house.

"Hey girls" Dad says from the kitchen.

"Sorry we're late Dad" I call walking through El following.

"No problem Dinner's running late" He says smiling. I smile back.

"We're going up stairs" I say.

"Okay, honey" My Dad says getting bizzy in his work.

Let me explain a few things. My Mum died years ago when I was three. I don't remember that much but Dad says she loved me very much. My Dad is also a chef at the towns best restaurant.

He could probably get a better job somewhere futher away but neither of us wants to leave our life here.

"So what do you think about these?" El asks standing at the mirror after having got her hair products out.

"I don't know" I say fiddling with it then..."Ahh"

"Christ Ria not again" El says.

"Ria? El?" Sam's voice comes clear through both wrist watches.

"Hi Guys..... Ria how do you work these things out?" Vee asks astounded.

"I almost got caught" Sam moans.

"Sorry guys. I was just thinking of talking to you and well..... sort of a communicator" I say close to the bracelet.

"Girls! Dinners Ready!" My dad shouts up.

"Guys we have to go.... we'll meet up at the park tommorow" I say then disconnect.

Well, thats what I think I do cause I tap the bracelet and communication turns off.

I look at El. "Well, that was weird" she says.

The End

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