Elissa: Ouch!

I tapped my bracelet at the same time as the others and suddenly my head stared to spin.  We all landed with a thud.

'They can do magic!'

'My head hurts.'  I'd hit it on something when I landed.  I caught sight of myself in a broken mirror proped up against a bin.  'My hair!'  My usually tidy red waves that hung half-way down my back had formed a bird's nest on my head.  The others didn't look much better.  I dragged my fingers through my hair and made it as neat as I could without a brush.

'Stop being so vain El, you look gorgeous as always.'  The others were always picking on me for wanting to look good but when my hair was naturally very frizzy I had to spend hours getting it to form the perfect waves I wanted.

I was the tallest of the four of us and what some people would call skinny but I liked to think of myself as slim.

My green eyes stared back at me as I looked into the glass.  They were the exact same shade of green as my bracelet.

'Come on El let's go, we need to be getting back.'  Ria pulled me up onto my feet and we ran down the alley and into town.

The End

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