Ria: Wow, that's cool

"I can't see a thing" Vee moans.

"Neither can I. Be quiet" Sam says.

"Well, at least we're not alone that would be even more creepy" El says.

"Hmm" I mumble. I'm tapping the bracelet then.

"Wow" we all shout. The bracelet glows bright.

"That's cool" I whisper. "Try in guys"

They do each bracelet giving light off in its own colour.

"These things get stranger by the minute" Sam mutters.

"No, this is cool" Vee says delightfully.

We all begins to laugh then something creaks and we go silent.

"I think we should move on" El whispers.

We all nod not being able to speak past our nervousness. Just then the tunnel begins to go upwards.

"Yay this is a way out" Vee says happily.

A few minutes later we step out into the forest. Sam takes out her phone going on the sat nav application.

"Great, we're miles away from the town" Sam says angry.

"Wait, I have an idea tap the bracelets"  I say.

"Nothing to lose" Sam mutters after Vee agrees happily.

"At the same time.... think of the town. One.... two...... THREE!" I shout.

The woosh.

"Ouch" Everyone moans. I sit up and look around. We're in an alley a little off from the town centre.

"These things can do magic!" Vee exclaims.

The End

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