Veronica : Ah... well

"Ria! Give us a break. It's not really fair you know. You being all athletic and everything." I pant, basically crawling over the ground with my wavy black hair tied in a high ponytail. "Plus, I have short legs."

"Excuses excuses, Vee." Sam calls over.

"Sniff, you're hurting my feelings." I reply, Sam turns and grins at me.

Suddenly, Ria steps back and the ground breaks away. "Ahhhh!!!" Ria's voice gets fainter as she falls through a what seems like a well.

Then before I know it, the three of us are in the well as well. We land on our feet and I just stay frozen for a while, trying to think of a reason that whatever happened happened. Meanwhile, Ria stares at a crystal blue bracelet on her hand.

"Oh my god."

I look at my wrist. There's a ruby red bracelet that looks exactly the same on my darker skin. "Hey, I've got one too." I pull at it, only to find it now part of me.

"They don't come off....." Sam whispers, I look at mine curiously. It glows at me.

"Well, they don't look too bad though. Pretty awesome."

The End

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