Four Friends

Four friends since birth decide to go off for a danger trip into the woods.
But they didn't suspect to find anything.


"Come on guys" I say running of ahead. My muddy brown hair flies around me. It's straight and finishes just at my waist.

"We can't run anymore" Sam moans. Well really she's call Samantha.

The two others run up slightly out of breath.

"We haven't been running for-"

"Two hours!" Everyone shouts. I check my watch.

"Oh yeah..... but we did take a break" I point out. My Blue eye are sharp and look like they either spark with electricity or burn like the sun.

I put my small hands on my hips and pout slightly.

Spoil sports. Although I am a runner. I may be small, petite I like to say, but I'm really fast and quick.

I step back then.

"Ahh" I fall down into the well.

"Ria" My friends shout. That's my nickname by the way. I hit the bottom of the well.

No water. "I'm alright guys" I shout up.

I really am even though I fell about 2o metres.

"We'll get help" one of them shouts.

"No, guys I'm fine...... wait, guys come down" I say the words hurriedly and excited.

"What?!? You have to be kidding Ria" One shouts. It's hard to tell whose who down here.

There voices are muffled and hard to work out. I step forward then lean down to look at the small clasp bracelets.

One Blue metalic, One Red Metalic, One Yellow Metalic and One Green Metalic.

"Beautiful" I whisper. I pick the blue one up then flash.

A flash of light engulfs me and I hear my friends scream. There being pulled down.

I don't know how I know. I just do.

There's a pain at my wrist then the light fades and I look down at my wrist to see the Blue Metalic bracelet around my wrist....... and bonded to my skin.

"Oh my god"

I look up and realise my friends are now down with me. Also that the other bracelets are all on there wrists.

The End

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