Fortune Cookie of the Day:

An inspiring thought that I had the other day about loss.

I had a thought about loss today after hearing the sad story of a girl in one of my weekly classes. It suddenly occurred to me that all of the things we think define us in this life are not in fact who we are. Being a friend, a spouse, a parent, or someone's child is not in fact definitive of your soul. We define the kind of friend, lover, parent, or child that we are. When we donned the archetypes of these roles as an identity we were a whole person long beforehand, and maybe the loss of the things we thought became who we were is just a reminder that the person beneath all of that still exists. Maybe loss is just the universe, or God, or a higher power, or whoever or whatever you believe in's way of letting you know that you are still you, and not only to appreciate the things that you have, but to appreciate who you are in spite of them.

The End

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