Epilogue part 3

"Nonononono" the boy mumbled to himself as he fell out of bed and rushed for the door. He was still in yesterday's clothes, but he didn't care.

He leapt into his vehicle and sped off as soon as the ignition turned. The speed limit was forgotten, ousted by the thought of his friends leaving without him saying goodbye. He made good time, turning a 45 minute drive into a 30 minute trip.

As he searched for a place to park he saw it. Their car. Wasting no more time, he pulled up to the curb outside the departures door, grabbed his keys, and took off running. He thought he could see them, he recognized that shirt. 

The one that was passing through security.

"Excuse me, excuse me, scuse me, scuse me, move!" he nearly shouted as he pushed through the crowd. He finally emerged on the other side to see the couple leaving the security checkpoint and heading down the hallway to the rest of the airport. 

Heedless of what people thought, the boy shouted as loud as he could "Lionel! Claudia!"

Whether they just didn't hear him, or didn't want to hear him, the boy didn't know, but they didn't look back as they turned the corner.

His shoulders slumped and he slunk away, oblivious to the looks he was getting. 

Ready or not, he had come.

And ready or not, they had left him.

The End

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