Epilogue Part 2

The boy turned and could clearly see that his companion was troubled.  He knew exactly what the issue was, still remembering it as though it happened no less than a minute ago. Suddenly, the silence was broken by his voice.


“Don’t worry about him. He’s gotten himself into this. He’ll have to get himself out. We can’t care to help him anymore than we already have tried to. I didn’t expect for him to apologize, but it still means nothing… at least to us”.


“What will we do?” the girl asked the obvious question.


“He’s still my friend, and I respect the fact he manned up to expressing his regret. When we get back… maybe I’ll find him some help”.


“Maybe that’s all he needs” the girl replied, nodding.


With the conversation at an end, the duo continued to their scheduled flight, their talk now becoming more excited as they wondered about the sights they might see and the things they might do.

The End

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