I had decided that I needed a girls night. So I called up Serina, we needed to get to know each other better anyways, and we scheduled a sleepover for that Friday. I told Lionel that he was welcome to stay, but that he probably wouldn't enjoy himself. So he made plans to stay with Daniel that night. 
Because it was so close to finals, my dad said that the only condition for the sleepover is that we had to study. I told Serina and we laughed, remembering the game of hide and seek that had insued after our last study meeting. 
She came to my house around 7, and we ate a dinner of homemade pizza in front of the tv. We'd both agreed on one of our favorite chic flicks, "Music and Lyrics." Then we watched a dramatic film called "Lifted." We were both crying by the end of it. 
We quickly put our dinner dishes into the dishwasher before heading up to my room. We talked for a while, both slowly drifting off to sleep at around 2 o' clock in the morning. 
I had a dream that I'd had before, but I had a much better reaction to it than before. It was one I'd had while still dating Daniel, amidst all the confusion as to where my true feelings lay. 
In the dream, it was my wedding. Before, I had expected to see Daniel at the end of the aisle, but someone else was there instead. This time, I smiled when I saw Lionel, feeling perfectly at peace and happy, knowing that I was meant to be with him from the beginning. 
The dream ended right when we kissed, and I woke up with a smile on my face, my lips still tingling from the dream conjured kiss. 
Serina was already up, barely. She rubbed her eyes and turned to me. "What's on the agenda today?" She asked me. 
I shrugged. "I don't know. What do you want to do?"
Serina smiled. "We should do make overs."
I smiled back. "Sounds like a plan!"
So we went into my bathroom and did each other's hair and make up, before moving into my closet. We were lucky enough to wear the same size, so we dressed up and did a mini fashion show for each other. 
She got one of me in a weird position, mouth open and all. She grinned at me. 
"This one is so going on Facebook!" She exclaimed. 
I feigned hurt. "No it's not. You can't do that to me. It would hurt my feelings." I said, right before tossing a pillow at her. 
This turned into a huge pillow fight. It lasted until my mom came to get us for breakfast. 
We had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. 
I told Serina about my dream and she smiled. 
"I think that's sweet." She said. "I don't think I've ever had a dream like that. You and Lionel are so cute together!"
I smiled back at her. "Thanks. So are you and Daniel."
We sat in silence for a few minute after that, chewing our food.
"Thanks for making me feel welcome." Serina finally said. 
I looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean?"
Serina set down her fork and looked at me. "What I mean is, you, Daniel, and Lionel have been friends for a really long time, and I know how hard it is to let somebody else into a group that's as tight as yours and that has been together for so long. And yet, I still feel like I've been hanging out with you guys just as long. I may not get all the jokes, but you guys patiently explain them to me and include me in everything. And I may not have all the same memories as you guys, but we're making new ones together. I just really appreciate it."
I set down my fork, stood up, walked over to her, and pulled her into a big hug. 
"You are so welcome Serina." I said. "I'll be honest, I love the boys, but it's nice to have a girlfriend."
She laughed, and we sat down and continued eating our breakfast. 

The End

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