I was a wreck. I could barely pull myself together. I was glad to have Serina there. It was awkward hugging Daniel, but I desperately need someone to hug. So Serina was there for me. And the fact that she even went in to say something to Lionel meant so much to me. And then it was my turn. I tried to be brave. I knew he wouldn't want me to cry. For a while, I did good. I sat beside him, holding his hand, striking his cheek, and talking about all of the things we've done together. But I lost it when I suddenly remembered the tickets. DVD since my birthday, I'd kept them carefully tucked into my wallet, my most cherished item. And now the trip wouldn't even happen. It was useless trying to stop the tears. I hugged him and told him about all of the things that I had wanted to do on the trip. After a while, it hurt to even look at him anymore. So after one last "I love you" I slowly rolled myself out of the room, giving Daniel his turn. Once again, Sarina was there with open arms, but by that point I was numb inside. Just like Lionel, I was dead. There was no point to life with out him. Sarina sat there, holding my hand and trying to comfort me until Daniel came. It was a nice gesture, but I had come to terms with it. Lionel was dead. I was dead. There was nothing else to say. Finally, Daniel came out. He looked at me. "Ready to go?" He asked. I shook my head. I needed to say goodbye one last time. I pushed myself out of my wheelchair, wondering if I even had the strength to walk to the door. My hand shook as I twisted the handle. I went in and sat on the bed beside him. I stared into his beautiful face one more time. "I love you so much it hurts." I gave him one last kiss, and felt a tear roll down my cheek. I sat back up and glanced at him again. I would give anything just to see those blue eyes again… I shrieked. There they were, open and staring into mine. I threw my arms around him, kissed him passionately. Oh, how much I missed him! "I was dead with out you."

The End

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