Prom Preparations

Finally, the day had come. Junior prom, the highlight of the year. And I was going with Lionel. At the beginning of the year, that thought never would have crosse my mind in a million years. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I debated a long while on if I should go get my hair and make up done at the beauty school or do I myself at home. When I asked Lionel his opinion, he just smiled at me and told me that I didn't need any make up, I was beautiful already. 
Boys. They're never any help. 
So the next step was my mom. She agreed to take me to the beauty school and even pay for it. Then she was going to help me with my dress and everything. My mom can be so awesome at times. 
Then I had to figure out how to get Lionel out of the house. I finally called Daniel and begged him to tell Lionel to go to his house. I offered to let Serina come to my house, if she wanted to. We agreed, and I pushed Lionel out the door. A few minutes later, Serina was at my front porch. 
We piled into the car and Mom drove us to the beauty school. We walked in and showed them our dresses, and they took it from there. 
Between the two of us, it took about 3 hours. Then we were back home, Mom carefully helping us into our dresses so as not to mess up our elaborate hairdos. 
Finally, I stood in my bathroom, looking in the mirror. My red hair was folded into several braids and then piled on top of my head, several small curly strands brushing my shoulders. A silver tiara with small, twinkling aquamarine stones was the center piece of the whole arrangement. 
My make up was unbelievable. The eyeshadow was swirled with aquamarine, teal, and white. My lips were bright pink and glossy, and my skin looked flawless. 
My dress was strapless. It started off teal at the top, then slowly faded into white at the bottom. All over we're little swirls and flowers made of aquamarine stones. I wore a small white half sweater with it. My shoes were white, also with aquamarine rhinestones. 
I smiled at myself, then stepped out into my room. At my jewelry box, I pulled out my silver flower necklace and matching earrings. 
Serina peeked her head in. 
"You can come in." I called. 
She stepped in and took a look at me. 
"You look amazing Claudia!" She exclaimed 
"Thanks. You do too." I replied.
Serina's hair style was very simple. Half if it was pulled back into a very large yet beautiful silver butterfly clip. She too wore a small tiara, but hers had small pink stones. Her dress was a rosy pink with little silver swirls running through it. It looked amazing on her. But there was something missing…
I waved her over. "Come here, I have something for you."
She walked over and I glanced back and forth from her to my jewelry box. After digging a little, I found what I was looking for: a silver butterfly necklace dotted with pink stones and some matching earrings. 
Serina took them from her, her face a mask of shock. 
"These are beautiful, Claudia." Eh said, her voice breathless. "Are you sure I can wear them?" 
I smiled and nodded at her, turning he around and clasping the necklace behind her neck. 
Then we heard the doorbell ring. 

The End

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