Prom Preview


It was friday. The big day. Or rather, the slightly big day that could lead to the big day. Lionel had come over early to help set up and discuss last minute details. 

"So did finish the editing?" Asked Lionel.

"I think so. Everything should be ready.

"Good. I remember filming that one part, it was pretty good." He opened a cupboard, "Now how do you want to do the popcorn?"

"I agree, and I was finally able to find a good picture of me and her. And do you have to ask?" I told him. When we were younger, we always thought it was more fun to make popcorn on the stove instead of in the microwave. Twelve years later, we were still fascinated by it.

Lionel opened a cupboard and grabbed a sauce pan, "Great! So umm... is it actually legal to rip the video from the DVD and then add some stuff and reburn it?"

As he poured the kernels into the saucepan I added in a teaspoon of oil. "Umm... probably not. Its not like I'm gonna sell it or anything. Im considering destroying the disc when I'm done with it just to be safe. Either that or give it to my mom to put in my scrapbook pile. Then it'll never be found!"

"Ha ha ha yeah. What do you want me to-"

At that moment one of the kernels popped out of the pan and pegged Lionel in the face.

Silence reigned for a moment.

Then we broke down laughing. "And that is why we still do it this way! Oh and are you ok?"

"I'm fine for the most part, thanks for your concern." 

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. 

"Come on in!" I shouted. 

"I already did!" came Claudia's voice. Lionel excused himself and went to greet her. 

I brought out a few two liters of soda, the popcorn, pretzels and other snacky foods, and a few bowls in case we decided to break out some ice cream. The doorbell rang again just as I was putting some pizza rolls in the oven.

"Lionel can you get that? My hands are full!"


The door opened and closed, and voices floated into the kitchen. I heard footsteps and turned just in time to catch a hug from Sarina as she entered the kitchen. Lionel stuck his head in and started to say something, but saw what was happening and left.

"How are you?"

"Better" she said with a smile, "So what are we watching?"

"I figured I'd leave that up to you. Lionel can help you find stuff."

"Ok! You coming?"

"Yep! I just have to make sure these don't burn. I'll be there in a minute."

Sarina left to go find Lionel, and it struck me that this was the first time she had been to my house. I guess tonight would be a night of firsts.

Lionel stuck his head in a moment later. He didn't have to say anything, we shared a nod and he went off on his mission.

I pulled out my cellphone and waited for the call from Lionel. It came a few seconds later. There was the sound of him sticking his phone in his pocket, and then it was silent for a moment. Then I heard Sarina's voice.

"Ah Lionel! There you are! Daniel said you could show me where the movies were?"

"Ah sure! No problem. Follow me!"

There was the muffled sound of footsteps and then, 

"Ok, here we are! Any idea what you wanna watch?" Asked Lionel.

"Ohh I don't know... what do you think?"

"It's your call Sarina... what are you in the mood for?"

"Action. Adventure. Intrigue."

"Hmmm well I'm not sure about intrigue, but Star Wars is pretty action and adventure filled."

"Oooh! Yeah that works! I know Daniel will be pleased. What about Claudia?"

"Claudia can stand a little Star Wars I think... hmm I'm not sure I agree with your choice in numbers though."


"Oh no... You can't go with number one... If you're gonna watch Star Wars you have go with the original trilogy."

"Ohhh... ha ha ok... how about this one?"

"Excellent! Now let's blow this thing and go home!"

That was signal. Lionel had successfully gotten Sarina to choose the right movie. I hung up with Lionel, and started jumping in excitement, almost knocking a plate off the counter. I calmed myself down and prepared myself for the big question.

A few minutes later, I entered the living room with a plate full of hot pizza bites. Everyone had found a seat, and was munching on snacks. I deliberately avoided looking at Lionel as I entered and took my seat. How convenient that the only empty chair left was right next to Sarina. Almost like someone planned that. 

The previews began to play and each passing second seemed like an hour. The normal previews ended, and the screen went black. I was lucky that it was dark, because I couldn't hide the smile of anticipation that formed. 

Dance club music began to play as another preview started. The green preview screen came and went. Then the screen began to flash like a strobe light. As a the screen faded to dark room with lots of dancing teenagers, a deep voice announcer voice began to speak:

"This summer, get ready for the experience of a lifetime."

The dancing began to fade to a forest path as the announcer asked, 

"Who are you gonna go with?"

Then two guys walked into the shot, they were in the middle of a conversation. It was hard to tell looking at them from the back, but they looked awfully familiar.

"Why wouldn't you do it?"

"I don't know man... I feel different around her... she's so awesome and it kinda makes me nervous that she'll turn me down."

"Neither of you will admit, but its pretty obvious that you two like each other."

"Yeah, but who doesn't like her? She's beautiful and smart and great at sports... it's... she's perfect. I don't feel good enough for her."

The screen faded, as the music changed to music that one might slow dance to, and the announcer voice came back.

"Don't miss the event that critics are calling: "Fabulous" "Great fun" and "You don't want to miss this for the world!

The screen faded to a picture of me and Sarina laughing, 

"Daniel and Sarina star in the school event of the year:"

"The Junior Prom"

The screen went black, and Lionel, who had snuck up as the preview ended, flipped on the lights. I took Sarina's hand and asked:

"Will you go to Prom with me?"

Sarina just looked at me for a moment, and then her face broke into a smile and she just about tackled me into a hug, which led to a kiss, which led to the single syllable word that I had been waiting for:



The End

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