I gasped and threw my arms around Lionel's neck for a big hug, which of course turned into a kiss. 
"No way! Are you serious?" I asked, pulling away to look him in his blue eyes. 
Lionel laughed. "Of course I'm serious, Claudia. The trip is this summer." 
"Oh my gosh, Lionel how did you pay for it?" 
He smiled and placed a finger to my lips. He leaned into my ear so that his whisper tickled. "That's my little secret."
I nodded, content to just stand in his arms. After a while, I heard the timer to off on the oven and turned to pull out the breakfast pizza. Lionel put a hand on my shoulder. 
"Please, let me." He said. 
I nodded and sat down in my wheel chair. I watched him as he carefully yet skillfully pulled the pizza out and carried it out to the table. 
It gave me time to think. Where had my life gone in just a few months? I remembered Daniel moving back, Lionel too. At that time I had no memories of Daniel. I knew it bothered him, but there was nothing I could do. 
Then I started getting my memories back. I laughed our loud at the memory of the "kissing war" between Daniel and I. As an after thought, I wondered how Austin and Lauren were doing after that ordeal…
Fast forward to the winter dance. Lionel being dumped by his "girlfriend," then run ing hooks and stabbing himself. Looking back, I'm glad that Daniel and I got there when we did. 
A few hospital visits and a wheelchair later, Lionel's parents died in that plane crash. Tears came to my eyes at the thought of what Lionel went through. I couldn't make it without my parents. 
Then Eva came. She was a good friend, even from the first day. In fact, it was because of her that Lionel and I were together. She was the one that pushed my parents and me out the door to the orphanage. 
I smiled at the memory of Lionel playing a happy time on his violin. It was such an amazing feeling to see Lionel happy, because at that time and happened so rarely. I'm glad that a smile comes so easily to his lips these days. 
And then the whole Lionel-Daniel-worst-enemies ordeal. That was miserable. 
And finally, I was with Lionel. Looking back, I think all of these experiences is what made us such a great couple. We've already been through so much together, even before becoming a couple, that we now know that we can handle anything that comes our way, together. 
By then, Lionel had come into the kitchen for the third time to get the plates. I smiled up at him. 
"Let me."
He nodded and walked over to put away the hot pads he used to carry the too into the dining room. 
I gathered plates and wheeled my way to the table. I set them out and headed back to the kitchen. Deciding that I had enough energy to carry silverware, I grabbed two forks and two knives and walked into the dining room. 
As I rounded the corner to the kitchen once more, I heard the radio on. I passed through the doorway and felt a hand grab my wrist and spin me around. I smiled up at Lionel as we twirled in an intricate dance that didn't really Mach the music, but we were having too much fun to care. 
Finally, I stumbled on a step and Lionel caught me. He pulled me into a standing position, facing him. 
"I think we should stop dancing now. You're too tired." He said, staring into my eyes. 
I nodded, lost in his blue eyes. We stood like that for a while, until one of those annoyingly loud car sale commercials come on the radio and broke our reverie. 
I blushed and looked down, shuffling my way over to my wheelchair. Lionel laughed and wheeled me into the dining room, bringing the radio along with him. 
We talked and laughed around mouthfuls of breakfast pizza, French toast with strawberries and cream, and crunchy bacon while the radio quietly serenaded us. 
After the food was gone, Lionel glanced at his watch. 
"Oh man." He said. "Claudia, we need to go."
I looked at him, curiosity in my eyes. He just shrugged and wheeled me upstairs to my room. 
I shook my head and got dressed. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and then wheeled myself downstairs. Lionel came quickly behind. He looked at me and smiled. He leaned down for a kiss. 
"You look amazing, Claudia." He said. 
I smiled. He reached oh his hand for me to take. He walked me to the car. When I asked him about my wheelchair, he told me that I wouldn't need it. I shrugged and turned on the radio. One of my favorite songs was on, "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz. I sang along while Lionel drive. 
He apparently got a text on the way there, because I heard his ringer go off. But he didn't check until we had to stop at a red light. A quick look at it and he nodded. He turned to me. 
"Hey Claudia. You busy Friday night?" He asked. 
I shook my head. "No. Why?"
"Daniel is having a little movie night at his house with Serena, and he's inviting us. Wanna go?" He asked. 
I tilted my head in though. "Are you sure we're not imposing? Kinda sounds like a date." 
Lionel shook his head. "It's not really a date. We're all just hanging out as friends."
I looked at him. "You really want to go?" I asked. 
He nodded. 
"Ok then. We'll go."
Lionel smiled. 
I turned the radio up and hummed along occasionally. Other then that, the rest of the car ride passed in comfortable silence. 
We pulled into the back parking lot of some building. 
"Where is this place, Lionel? Where are we going?" I prodded. 
He just smiled at me and led me inside. 
The room I was led too was dark. I opened the door, and…

The End

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