Critical Thinking


I was let out of the hospital today. There was no school due to the fact that our principal was a criminal and two students drove off a bridge.

Let me say that again, they drove off a freaking bridge.

No matter how many times I say that, it will never sound normal. 

I wasn't sure what to do with myself. Lionel was spending some time with Claudia, Sarina was at a friend's soccer game until 5:30. It was 3:00 right now, so I decided to go home and think my way through this crazy mess called: My Life.

My mom accompanied me home and had no objections to letting me take it easy in my room. I collapsed on the bed, not out of pain or fatigue, but because I was mentally drained. The last few days could have been weeks for all I knew. So much had happened. What was the earliest event I could remember?

Moving back here. Followed by... Claudia. Claudia not knowing who I was. Claudia remembering me. Claudia and I dating. Claudia and the... accident. And then... 

Claudia and I breaking up. 

And then was Lionel. Lionel secretly screwing me over when I left 12 years ago. Lionel pretending to help me. Lionel dating that backstabbing piece of crap. Lionel attempting to commit suicide. Lionel and Charles and the whole... yeah that. Lionel and me parting ways. Lionel and Claudia.

Lionel... and Claudia.

Nobody would have guessed that that'd ever happen. I mean no offense to Lionel or Claudia, but they're just from different... "classes" for lack of a better term. And of course, now that I'm thinking about them, I have to answer the question that I've been trying to avoid since they hooked up.

How do I feel?

I could easily be angry. Easily. I'm still convinced that Lionel tried to get Claudia to forget me... and Claudia never broke up with Lionel when he got mad at me.

I could hate them. Part of me wants to hate them. But a larger part can't help but love them. And I guess... if I'm being honest... they're good for each other.

One emotional crises down, one to go.

Leeman. No brainer that I was happy he was gone, but jeez. He was a jerk and we wanted to get rid of him, but we sent him to jail. In the heat of the moment, you don't stop to think of any consequences other than the ones that you're hoping for. 

Oh yeah and did I mention that two students DROVE OFF A FREAKING BRIDGE?! How many times could one of us had ended up in a similar situation?

And by similar situation I mean dead.

Why was I thinking about this? This is precisely why I hate thinking about stuff. I realize just what could have gone wrong and it freaks me out a little. I was glad that things turned out happy for us, but I can't help but think about how things turned out for others.


I sat up. Was that a car horn? It seemed kinda high pitched for a car horn, but it was loud and it had come from outside. I dragged myself out of bed and glanced out of the windo-


A car, horn still beeping, crashed through my window. I screamed and tried to roll away as it sailed over me and into my closet. The trunk opened and out stepped...

Oh my god... it couldn't be.

Leeman. The passenger door opened and Eva fell out, clothes soaked and hair a mess. Charles was sitting in the drivers seat still honking the horn which grew louder and higher pitched. He shifted the car into reverse and slowly it began to back towards me. I tried to move away from it, but the wall was suddenly behind me, preventing me from moving any further. 

Closer and closer the car came until the taillights were touching my face. The pressure grew, the pain became unbearable, and then-

I sat up. My phone was beeping insistently. I fished it out of my pocket and answered it.


"Hey cutie! it's me"

"Oh! Hey... how's it going?"

"Good! You sound tired... I didn't wake you did I?"

"Well sort of, but its no big deal... how's the game going?"

"Ha ha well it's over now... Dana's team won. The team is going for pizza, so I wanted to see if you were available for something."

"Of course! Did you have anything in mind?"

"I was thinking a movie or something?"

"Movie sounds great! I can for snacks ok?"

"I have money, I can pay for my own stuff."

"Let me rephrase. I am paying for snacks."

"Oh fine! If that makes you feel better, go ahead. I can pay for the tickets."

"I've got money, I can pay for my own ticket."

Her voice took on a sarcastic tone, "Let me rephrase, I am paying for your ticket. Or the movie will be much less enjoyable than it could be" she said, and I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was smiling.

"You know, I think I'll let you pay for my ticket."

"Good choice. Can you pick me up at my house in like 15 minutes?"

"Absolutely. Oh! And I'm planning a movie night at my house on Friday, it'll be you, Lionel, Claudia, and me. Think you can make it?"

"I suppose I could try and fit it in" she said playfully. 

"Great! Ok... I'll see you in fifteen minutes ok?"

"Alright! Bye!"

I ended the call, and shot Lionel a quick text.

She can make it. The date is set. When are you asking Claudia?

Prom was coming up soon and there was an unspoken tradition of the guys asking the girls in creative ways. Lionel and I each had our ideas, and his was much funnier than mine. We had collaborated on them, and we were each involved in the other's plan. I couldn't wait to implement mine. 

I grabbed my jacket as I left, started up the car, and went for Sarina's house. The dream was all but forgotten, and for once, cheerful thoughts of what lay ahead held the upper hand in my mind.

The End

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