Lionel dropped me off at home and said something about checking on Daniel. I just nodded and rolled my self into the house. I was tired anyways. 

I got up to my room and laid in bed, my eyes slowly closing…

My eyes flew open and I shot up. Where was Eva? He's, I was mad at her and don't want to see her face, but she should still be home right now. I should be hearing the sounds of some random German rock band playing. 

I slowly made my way to my door, refusing to use my wheelchair for such a short distance. 

"Eva?" I called tentatively, hoping she would answer me.

I heard no reply. I carefully made my way to the satire, grilling rail. I probably should've been in when hair, with all of the effort I exhorted earlier. I felt like I was about to pass out, but I pushed myself, feeling that something was wrong.

I got down to the livi g room and heard some sniffling. I saw my mom on the couch, her cheeks wet with tears. I rushed over, collapsing on the couch next to her. 

"Mom, what's wrong?" I asked, searching her eyes. She looks at me. 

"Eva's dead." she said, then once again burst into tears. 

I sat there, frozen. What? Them I thought back to earlier, we followed a red car down the road, it drove off a cliff, two bodies were pulled out. Lionel sort of blocked my view, but I wasn't paying attention anyways. 

No. No. It's not possible. Is it? Over something as stupid as Leeman? No. 

I still had t started crying, more in shock that's anything. My mom noticed this and handed my the phone. I knew instantly what I had to do. I did t want to, but I knew mom was in no shape to do it. So I dialed the number. 

"Hallo, Herr und Frau Scönbrunn? Ja, das ist Claudia."

"Ah, hallo Claudia!" they stated rambling on in German, something about how great it was to hear from me and how was Eva?, and oh, when was she coming home again, and I almost lost it. But I pulled myself together and said what I were to say. 

It was like one of those moments on the movies, where everything moves in slow motion. I heard the phone drop on the other end, heard cries of hate, of non-acceptance, tears of pain, hurt, and sadness. Yet I was still numb. I couldn't feel a thing in my body. 

I hung up the phone and my mom gave me hug. I just hugged her back and sat there, not really taking anything in. My mom was saying something to me, I could see her lips moving, but I couldn't hear anything. Them she stood up, wiling her eyes, and headed upstairs to her room. 

I sat on the couch, frozen. It felt like I'd been there for an eternity when the front door opened. I didn't even turn my head, just sat there. I heard a voice say "Claudia?" and in that moment is when it finally hit me. 

Lionel rushed over, asking me what was wrong, hugging me, trying to comfort me. I couldn't speak, my body shaking with sobs. He sat down beside be, pulled me into his arms. I sat there crying into his shoulder. I knew I should stop, his shirt was soaked, but I couldn't. I don't even know what was wrong. I hated Eva, don't I? Then why was I crying for her? Because no one deserved that fate, no matter what they did. 

I think I eventually fell asleep, because the next thing I remember is waking up on the couch, Lionel's arms around me and his head resting on mine, fast asleep. I wanted to stand up, but didn't want to disturb him. I just laid there, enjoying the feel of his arms around me.

The End

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