When Daniel woke up, I wanted to tackle him in a big hug while simultaneously slapping his face. But I know that would not be good so I settled for squeezing Lionel's hand instead. I dried my tears and Leander over, giving him a playful slap on the arm. 

"Don't do that again, Daniel." I teased. 

He smiled up at me. "It was either that or let you and Lionel get hit, and I couldn't let that happen."

His statement hit me. It was in that moment that I finally realized how great my friends really were. Daniel wasn't just a good friend, he felt more like a brother, and Lionel…

Well, that's probably obvious. 

Either way, I wouldn't want anything to happen to either of them, and to prove that point, I tugged Lionel over and we both pulled Daniel into a big group hug.

He laughed as we pulled away. "Thanks guys, I needs that. But next time, not so hard, 'Kay?" he said, rubbing his neck. 

I nod, for some reason feeling tears well up in my eyes. We stayed for a while and talked, until a nurse came in and shied us away, telling us that visiting hours were over and that Daniel needs his rest. With rushed promises to text/call as soon as possible,

Lionel and I were practically pushed out the door. We looked at each other, and for some reason broke out laughing. 

I grabbed his hand as he rolled me down the hallway, a smile on my face. Yes, Daniel was in the hospital, but I felt strangely free because I knew Leeman was going down, one way or another. 

Since it was raining, we stopped just inside the doors of the hospital. Lionel turned to me. 

"So what should we do?" he asked. 

I cocked my head and thought. My smile grew wide. 

"I want to go to the beach." I said simply. 

Lionel looked flabbergasted. "But Claudia, have you seen the weather? And the beach it at least an hour and a half drive, not including the traffic…"

I cut him off with a kiss. 

"Please Lionel?" I asked, my eyes pleading. 

He sighed and rolled his eyes, but grabbed the handles of my wheelchair and rolled me towards the door. We got outside and the rain had stopped. 

"See." I prodded him. "It's not raining anymore." 

He just rolled his eyes at me, but I could tell he was slightly excited about the beach as well, from the glint in his eye. 

I looked around me, at the view. It wasn't much, but what caught my attention was the glint of the asphalt. After the rain, with the sun shining down on it, it almost looked magical. 

Lionel helped me into the car, and as he was going around to put my wheel chair in the back and get in the car himself, I turned the radio on. Flipping through the channels, finally settling in a country station that I knew Lionel would hate, but I couldn't resist staying on. 

"There's something bout the way, the street looks when it's just rained, there's a glow off the pavement, you walk me to the car…"

Lionel got into the car and caught what I was listening to. He tried to change the channel but I swatted his hand. 

"And you know I want to ask you to dance right there, in the middle of the parking lot, yeah…"

By that time Lionel had grumbled a little, but had taken off towards the beach. 

"We're driving down the road, I wonder if you know, I'm trying so hard not to get caught up now…"

Singing along, I shot a smile at Lionel and slid my hand into his. He smiled back, keeping his eyes on the road, but I could tell he liked the song. Or at least, he didn't hate it. That was a start. 

"But you're just so cool, run your hands through your hair, absentmindedly making me want you."

I gave his hand a squeeze and kissed him on the cheek. 

"I don't know how it gets better than this you take my hand and drag me head first, fearless. I don't know why but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress fearless."

Lionel's smile had gotten bigger, and he was tapping his fingers along to the music. 

"So baby drive slow, till we run out of road in this one horse town I wanna stay right here. In the passenger seat, you put your eyes on me, in this moment now capture it, remember it."

Lionel caught my eye and his smile was huge. He leaned in to give me a kiss, but I broke away soon, cause he needs to pay attention to the road, and besides I wanted to keep singing. 

"Well you stood there with in the doorway my hands shake I'm not usually this way. You pull me close and I'm a little more brave it's the first kiss it's flawless really something. It's fearless.

"And I don't know how it gets better than this you take my hand and drag me head first fearless. I don't know why but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress fearless."

The song ended with my head on Lionel's shoulder, our fingers intertwined. I turned the radio down, and the movement of the car slowly out me to sleep. 

The next thing I knew, Lionel was gently shaking me awake. I looked up at him with sleepy eyes and gave him a kiss. He got out to get my wheelchair, but I shook my head. 

"But, Claudia, what if…"

I silenced him with a look. "I'll have you there to catch me."

He couldn't argue with that, so came around and helped me out of the car. I struggled to find my footing, but once I did I felt great. We strolled hand in hand down the beach. I was a little shaky, and knew I needs to rest soon, but I couldn't stop until I found the right place.

We had arrived just at sunset, and we needs a good view. 

The End

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