Morning Anouncements

I sat in Homeroom, trying to read but not able to focus. I kept glancing up and catching either Lionel or Daniel's eyes, getting excited for what was coming.

I only halfway payed attention to the morning announcements, knowing what to listen for. I heard it and smiled, seeing the rest of he class shuffle around in their seats from the corner of my eyes.

The coded message was clear to the entire student body: we strike at lunch.

Lionel, Daniel, and I had an entire plan set up, in three steps: Strike one that day, strike two a few days later, and strike three, the final blow, at a surprise birthday party we'd set for Mr. Leeman.

It was a surprise because it wasn't really a birthday party (obviously.) All that mattered was that Mr. Leeman believed it was.

All of my morning classes seemed to drag on forever. For once in my life, I wasn't paying attention and don't care what the teacher said. I only took up one page of notes. It was crazy.

By the time lunch came, I was hyped.

The End

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