Raising an Insurrection


"This is beyond us" I said to Lionel and Claudia. We were in what I had dubbed "The War Room." It wasn't fancy or official.... just an abandoned closet in the school that no one ever used.

"What do you mean by that?" Lionel asked.

"Well... yes. It's personal. But we're just three students. We need to get the rest of the school involved in this. We need to be coordinated. Three students can be ignored, suspended, punished.... but the whole school? People would definitely pay more attention to this whole thing if Leeman suspended the whole school for breaking his ultimatum."

"So you're suggesting we recruit?"


Claudia giggled "It sounds like we're making our own 'Dumbledore's Army'."

I rolled my eyes. The Harry Potter saga was cute but... Star Wars and Lord of the Rings were better. In an attempt to keep things serious however, I decided not to mention that right now.

Lionel spoke up, "I like the idea but it's gonna be hard to coordinate with all the anti-social rules. And we don't have magic coins that we can use to send messages to each other" He said with a sidelong glance at Claudia.

I nodded. "Yeah... and using social networking would run the risk of a teacher seeing our plan. Or Leeman himself."

"Maybe we're over complicating?" Lionel suggested. "Let's give a good old throwback to elementary school and use a code."

I motioned for Lionel to continue.

"Well... we can use Facebook to set up an event. We'll say it's a Class Meeting, or something like that. Once we're there we can see who is interested, which I'm expecting would be everyone, and we can hand out the decode formula. Then we can use some form of public media to broadcast the code and voila!"

I considered. "Not bad... what media could we use though?"

Claudia piped up "Hey! Isn't the A.V. club going to be setting up T.V. announcements?"

"Yes! I'm sure they could think of some way to put the code up indiscreetly... we'll have to see... well first priority: set up the meeting time and place. Claudia, could you do that when you get home?"


"Second priority: Formulate the code. Lionel, it was your idea... I'm assuming you have something in mind?"

He nodded.

"Ok. Then that'll be your job."

"And what about you Daniel?" Claudia ventured.

"Priority three: Get the student body on side. I'll write the motivational speech that should galvanize our peers into action."

They both nodded. I clapped my hands and stood. All the while wondering what would happen if we failed.


My watch said 3:25. The meeting was at 3:30.

And no on was here.

The each minute seemed like an hour. I glanced down again 3:29.

I looked over at Lionel and Claudia. They appeared to be as worried as I felt.

"Don't worry guys. We're teenagers. We're never on time."

They offered me uneasy smiles and the wait continued.




When it reached quarter of Four I stood.

"I can't believe it but... I guess no one is coming."

We walked over to my car and climbed in. The engine roared to life but I barely heard it. All I could think was: we can't be the only ones who care. We can't be.

I started to pull out when in the distance I saw a literal convoy of cars heading in our direction. I recognized most of them. Then when the cars had came a little further, I began to pick out the drivers too.

"Guys!" I said excitedly. "Guys! Look!"

We tumbled out of the car and waited for the cars to pull in. In moments we were surrounded by students. Charles pushed through the crowd and said:

"Sorry mates! I guess we all got a little confused over which park to go to. But we all made it in the end. What do you got for us?"

I was a little surprised at his happy demeanor and I guess I wasn't the only one. Charles must have saw the surprise,

"Revenge! You can mess with Drama Club, you can mess with the toasters, but you  can't mess with my Personal Contact!"

Ok... well... as long as he wasn't busting us up I guess I didn't care.

I stood up on a table and pulled out my speech from my pocket. I read it over briefly, looked up, and...

I hesitated.

It was too formal. It was... well it wasn't what we needed. This wasn't drama club. I crumpled the paper and decided to wing it.

"I don't think I need to tell you why you're really here. If you don't know well... I'll make it short. Our new principal sucks. We need to get rid of him. Underclassmen you probably won't remember Leeman, but Juniors and Seniors you will. Today was bad, yes. But believe me when I say it will only get much much worse."

"My friends Lionel and Claudia and I have decided that we aren't going to follow the new rules. That's probably not a novel concept to most of you, but here's the thing. If only one or two of us decides to rebel, well... Leeman won't have much trouble in stopping them. But if it's the whole student body... he can't do anything. Even if h does... it'll turn some heads and generate some action."

"Breaking rules has never been hard for any of us, and I'd have to say most of the times we do break a rule... it's not wholly intentional. Here's what we have to do. Try. Try and break every rule you can. In every class. Every day of the week. Do we have any A.V. students here?"

A few hands shot up.

"Ok. See Lionel after this meeting. We've created a code that will hopefully be broadcast with the morning announcements. Through the use of this code we'll be able to coordinate things as a group. Lionel and I will be thinking of ways to oust the principal and I'm sure we'll need some help. So be on the look out for messages.I guess that just about wraps it up. Thanks for coming. Thanks for your participation. I look forward to the day that we stand on the steps of our school, watching Leeman walk away for the last time."

Cheers, hats, and whistles exploded from the group of students sprawled around me. I stepped off of my makeshift soapbox and immersed myself in the insurrection I had helped create.

Leeman was going down.

The End

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