Lunch Period


I smiled. This was gonna be fun.

We decided to meet at lunch, because I was the only one that had half the mind to stay in class. Lionel and Daniel obviously didn't care if they skipped class or not, but I knew I'd be in deep trouble with my parents if I did.

So once the hallways were clear of students-for the most part- we headed off. Then we came to our first problem: my wheelchair.

I looked up at Lionel. He shook his head, reading my thoughts.

"No Claudia." he said, worry on his face. "The doctor said its too early."

I shook my head. "Face it, Lionel. You know my wheelchair will just in the way of our plan."

He still look concerned, and Daniel had a confused look on his face.

"What are you guys talking about?" he asked.

"This." I replied, using my arms to push me up and stepping out of my wheelchair. Lionel rushed over, helping me. I took two steps. It felt great, I was finally walking after so long…

My knees buckled under me and I fell, Lionel there to catch me. As he helped me into the wheelchair that Daniel pushed over, I laughed.

"Well, it was worth a shot." I said.

Lionel and Daniel both looked about ready to kill me.

"God, Claudia. You scared the crap out I me there. Almost had a heart attack." Lionel said. Daniel nodded, agreeing.

I shrugged. "Can we just please get on with our mission? We're running out of time."

Lionel shook his head and started pushing me down the hallway, Daniel following close behind.

We stopped at each fire alarm. I was placed on guard duty, since I couldn't reach most of them anyways. I couldn't exactly see what Lionel and Daniel were doing, but it looked hard and complicated. I was kinda glad I wasn't helping. I would just mess everything up.

Surprisingly, we finished all of the fire alarms and still had time before lunch was over.

Lionel smiled, looking Daniel and I in the eyes.

"Phase one complete."

The End

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