"I would feel too guilty later."


I took a deep breath, picked up the phone, and turned off the speakerphone. As I put it to my ear, I could hear Lionel calming down.

After a short pause, he asked once more, "Why are you there Claudia?" he was defiantly much calmer, but I could hear the anger and slight hurt in his voice.

"Lionel." I said, "he's moving. We'll never see him again. I just wanted things to be cleared up between us. Obviously, you don't want to make amends, but I do. I don't him leaving  with issues between us. I would feel too guilty later on."

That shut him up.

"I'll call you later, but right now I need to go find Daniel. I love you, you know I do, right Lionel?"

I could hear more than see him nod his head.

"Yes." he said.

I smiled. "Good. See you later, Lionel."

I hung up and set Daniel's phone on his desk.

The End

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