I could feel Lionel's arms tighten around me as Daniel left. He smoothed my hair and whispered to me that it would be ok. I really don't know what made me cry. I was through with Daniel, and in my heart and mind I knew that I was meant to be with Lionel.

So why was I crying?

I searched, but found no answers. So I let my self cry into Lionel's shoulder, let myself feel the strength in his arms, and hardened my resolve.

I was meant to be with Lionel. I finally understood that,  I wasn't going to let some stupid tears ruin it.

As I pulled back and wiped my eyes, I saw the questioning look in Lionel's, with a slight glint of hurt.

I smiled up at him. "It was nothing, Lionel. I don't even know why I was crying."

He searched my eyes, looking for an answer. I placed a hand on his arm and gave it a little squeeze. He saw the truth in my eyes, and relaxed a little bit. But I could still tell that he was a little concerned.

How was I going to fix that? I needed to prove that I was still his, not Daniel's.

One thing came to mind, but I quickly shook my head, disgusted with myself for even thinking that. Besides, I doubted Lionel would agree to that anyways.

So, what else?

I smiled.

"Lionel, there's somewhere I want to show you."

The End

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