Illegal or something...


Huh... Claudia... and Lionel... smooching.


I face palmed and just shook my head. My thoughts for the moment were "Is Lionel an oyster?" Because apparently oysters can switch genders for the purposes of mating... and Lionel seemed to have no trouble switching preferences.

Then apparently he has some hidden talent for Dodgeball, which wasn't even fair by the way. As soon as I stepped on the court Lionel would peg me. I had no ball to defend myself with or anything... I guess the only way Lionel can win is by taking cheap shots on under-matched opponents.

Gripe, gripe, gripe. Why did I care? I mean why did I honestly care? Emotion check:

Lionel: Kill. Except that's illegal or something...
Claudia: Confusing. She's mad at me for punching Lionel. Once. And here's the thing... she wanted to us to be friends but Lionel wouldn't cooperate. Did that not frustrate her? I swear all the bad things I do are all that Claudia sees.
Eva: Annoying. She has decided to be Claudia's personal advisor. And she was responsible for Lionel's release.
Charles: No clue. I hadn't seen him since the ambulance took him away.

What did I  need to stop thinking about the problems in my life?

No. Not beer. Sheesh.

A distraction. That was it.I needed a fall back frien-

"Daniel! What's shaking?" I turned to see Forrest making his way towards me. Huh. Thanks God.

"Oh not much. Just attempting to control my inner serial killer."

"I see... should I be concerned?"

"Just keep me away from your kitchen and things will be fine."

"Haha nice bro... so you got any plans for this weekend?"

"Yeah I'm hanging out with..." I had been about to say Claudia, but apparently we were "over." "Actually... no I think I'm free."

"Great! Well Sarina, Joy, and I are catching a movie then heading over to Randy's party. You wanna join us?"

Hmm... Forrest was trying to ask Joy out, and Sarina... Sarina wasn't a bad looking girl... I  might even be able to catch some girls at the party...

"Yeah Forrest! Sounds great! Where are we meeting?"

"Meet at my house... say four or something?"

"Works for me!"

"Great dude, catch ya later!"

He ran off and I was left with my thoughts. A party. I hadn't been to any parties in a very long time... actually the christmas party was probably the first I'd been to since... since before I'd moved back. I usually stayed away from parties... some idiot gets drunk enough and everyone gets in trouble... well... maybe there wouldn't be any alcohol there.

I mean come on... we aren't college students yet... and it's not like partying is illegal or something...

The End

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