To the Loner goes the Emotion


I think it was obvious at this point that we all had a
common enemy in our midst. Not in mine; thankfully, I saw the problem
beforehand and eliminated any conversations with this villain. Claudia decided
not to, and now she realizes the fatal mistake she made. After she’s done with
all of the crying, I know we’ll be talking, and on my terms. She needs to get
it into her head that Daniel is tearing her life apart, and me included.

 The wimp didn’t even hit me hard! The bruise was present,
but I barely felt the stinging sensation from when he decided to make himself
known as a complete jerk. I sensed hesitation; if I wanted to hit him, I
wouldn’t dare do such a thing. Not only was he jerk, but a coward apparently.

 Eva walked down the stairs and sat next to me. I was
playing my violin at the bottom of the stairs, an angry-sounding tune I had
started composing in my head ever since he walked out the front door. She
looked over at me with an odd expression on her face.

 “She says she doesn’t like that one boy anymore. What
happens between you and the other boy?” she asked me. Her English was still a
little bit rusty.

 “Good question, Eva, but I’m not going to answer it. You
should have just looked at what he did today and know why. He’s the problem.
He’s the reason I never got anything good in my life”. I let out small laugh.
“I bet he rigged the airplane my parents were on. It wouldn’t surprise me at
this point”.

 I heard Claudia rolling in her wheelchair upstairs. She
was coming down to join us, and she wasn’t crying anymore. That was rather
quick of here to do so, but I thought this wasn’t the time to my any remarks.
When she got off the ramp, she turned and looked at us; and smiled.

 “That’s all over with then” she said, much too happily
for her character in a moment like this.

 “Why are you-“

 “It’s over, Eva” Claudia replied to Eva’s question before
it was completed. “I think it was time for change, so change came. Here I am”
she said, gesturing around herself. “I welcome the change”.

 She was good at masking her sadness with her false joy,
but I caught her on it. “I know you’re sad about this Claudia, and if anything
I don’t think holding back tears is going to help you at all”.

 “You’re saying I should cry?” she said angrily.

 “No. I’m saying that you shouldn’t hold back your
emotions. If you don’t think that sounds true enough, then take it from me”.

 It sounded like something I would say, but the words had
come from Eva. “There was more than one life moment I took easily. It helped
not, friend”.

 There were some looks exchanged as I think not only me,
but Claudia as well pondered over the advice we just received from the German
exchange student who continually impressed me with her wisdom. My whole life is
composed of hiding my inner self, so why would I sacrifice that?

 Claudia left shortly afterwards after giving a glance at
Eva, and me in particular. I couldn’t help but feel glad for her, getting rid
of Daniel. Hopefully his normally hot-headed attitude will be taken down a few
notches. It was about time the pain was transferred to someone other than me
because I was started to get tired of it.

 Apparently, I was wrong. School came today, and it was
the beginning of third quarter. The day moved on as usual. Claudia was out of
it for most of the day, and I tried not to notice. Gym was my first class of
the day, so after my Advisory class was over I made my way down there.

 Contrary to popular belief, I’m athletic. I started free
running ever since Charles gave me the basics, and I played recreational soccer
until last year. Gym just wasn’t my thing; most of the time, I only gave half
of the strength when we were playing games.

 The teachers had a surprise for us today, though. People
generally go along with whatever sport we’re doing; however there are a few exceptions
where we either try not at all, or incredibly hard. The latter is really only
present in one particular, classic game; Dodgeball.

 We rushed into teams quickly after seeing the foam balls
lying on the half court line on the gym floor. The teachers sensed our urgency
and organized us with equal haste. Daniel happened to be in my Gym class, and
before the game began I knew what was going to happen.

 We faced each other know. The hate in his eyes gave proof
to the facts I already knew. When the teachers pointed him to the other team
and me to the other, I said nothing nor showed any odd expression showing how
much I cared about this situation.

 In truth, I really did. This was going to get rough, but
I was prepared; I wasn’t letting his punch go unnoticed. Daniel smiled back at
me, a villainous, devious smile that foreshadowed the onslaught he was ready to
bring upon me.

 The game started, and it was only natural for Daniel and
I to reach for the same ball. We both had our hands on it now, glaring at one

 “Scared, Lionel?” Daniel mocked me, something he didn’t
usually do.

 “You wish” I replied, snatching the ball from him. I
cherished his look of surprise. He didn’t know just how good I was in sports. I
bet he thought his skills in soccer would serve him well, but he was only
mediocre from what I saw when I visited some of his matches.

 I ran up to the front and threw the ball in my hands,
already getting someone out. At the same time, someone hit me. It was, of
course, Daniel, who laughed promptly afterwards. Nothing made me angrier in my
lifetime than walking across the court on to the sidelines.

 Someone caught a ball and brought me back in the game,
and I wasn’t ready to let that jerk get the best of me again. My first throw
was directed at him, and missed barely. His previous enthusiasm had been diminished
after he realized that he was my target now. I wasn’t the sort of person that
missed often. The second throw hit him right in the chest, much to his anger.

 Daniel kept coming back out, but when he did I would
always send him away again. When gym was over, a very angry Daniel brushed past
me, his face burning red. He was embarrassed by how I dominated him. His mood
only made me feel more joyful.

 There was an unintended consequence that came out of
this; the people largely involved in sports had never seen me seriously play so
well. When I exited the court, I became a part of their group. They surrounded
me quickly, and I soon found myself immersed in a conversation with them. I
used to stereotype them as jerks, but now that I was with them it seemed like
they were just as normal as the next guy.

 Charles wasn’t in school today for some reason he
neglected to tell me. He was avoiding me these days, but he didn’t want to. He
was just uncomfortable with what we used to be, and now we were just friends.

 I was preparing to get ready for my next class when I saw
an interesting shouting war going on. Daniel and Claudia were by the lockers
arguing about something that I couldn’t even understand since they were so loud.
Eventually, a teacher broke up the fighting and sent them off their separate ways.

 When I went to lunch today, I saw Claudia sitting by my
usual spot in a corner by my lonesome. She still looked like she was thinking
things out, so when I sat down I didn’t say anything else by a ‘Hi’. I’ll let
her fight this battle for herself and settle what they want to.

 She was completely silent. Occasionally, she turned and
glanced at me as though ready to say something, then turn away when I noticed.

 Suddenly, she turned me to face her, looking determined.

 “Eva said we shouldn’t hold feelings back” she said.

 I shrugged. “What does that have to do with anything?”

 She leaned closer to me and gave me a quick, sweet kiss
on the lips. I was so into the moment I didn’t know Daniel had witnessed the
whole thing.

 “I’m taking her advice” she whispered to me.

The End

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