Not Anymore


Maybe at some point I would have appreciated talking. Maybe at some point I might even have welcomed it.

But not anymore.

"No." I said, shaking my head. Claudia looked shocked, Eva looked disgusted, Lionel looked like he didn't care one way or the other.

"Claudia, I'm sorry but the time for talking is long past. We've tried it in the past and what has been the result? Lionel walks out saying everything is ok, but then he comes back to ruin things."

"Daniel please. We all need this."

I turned my attention to Lionel. "No. Not unless Lionel honestly thinks there's a chance of making up. But then again... he doesn't need to say anything... I already know the answer."

We all looked at Lionel, waiting for him to say something.

He didn't. Like I suspected.

"Lionel!" Claudia half-whispered, half-pleaded.

Still nothing.

I stood and walked over to Lionel. I offered a hand and let it hang there for a moment. When he didn't grab it I did something I'd wanted to do more and more for the last few weeks.

I let my hand harden into a fist, and threw it at Lionel's face.

Then I went for the door, saying over my shoulder, "I enjoyed the chat."

The End

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