Enough is Enough


Pissed off. That's what I was feeling.

Why you ask? It all started when I was born... ok so maybe not that dramatic. But still...

After finding out about Lionel's parents from a phone conversation, one would think I had learned my lesson. I didn't. I walked in the door and overheard the following.

"Really? Well that's funny, we were just over there the other day... and he refused!... yes!... Is something up between her and Daniel?... Well it just seems she's been-... no no, you're right... of course... ok well keep us posted... bye now."

Confusion anyone?

"Mom what was that about?" I asked dropping my bags on the floor.

She spun, apparently not knowing that I was there. "Hmm? Oh... nothing Daniel..."


"It's nothing concerning you..."

"It starts concerning me when my name is mentioned!"

"Daniel! Please keep in mind that I am your mother." She sighed. "I just heard from Claudia's mom that they went to try and adopt Lionel... he accepted, but an orphanage got him first... he and Claudia had an... emotional goodbye...are you and her still ok?"

I nodded slowly "As far as I know... I don't... I mean I guess she's allowed to have other attachments but... I figured the whole 'I hate girls, Claudia is yours, I won't interfere' policy of Lionel's didn't mean too much."

I trudged to my room to consider the new developments. It didn't mean anything that Claudia was sad over Lionel right?


Of course not. Although the fact that Lionel was sad back... that kind of peeved me...

I hit my pillow in frustration. What did he want?!?

I offer him friendship. He declines.

I offer him Claudia. He spits in my face.

I offer him a family. He couldn't care less.

Then he gets emotional with my girlfriend.

Gosh. I gotta stop ranting like this.The time for thinking... considering... offering... its over. Enough is enough. I'm through with Lionel as well.

Lionel probably won't care, but I'm going to stop caring about him, until it's absolutely necessary.

Oh wait... he's trying to steal my girlfriend.

It's necessary. I'm gonna start caring.

But not the good kind.

The End

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