Left Hand, Right Hand

The kiss made all of the memories flash into my mind once again. I smiled under Daniel's lips, so glad to I ally have them back. He pulled away, a curious look on his face.

"What's the smile for?" he asked.

I looked him in the eyes. "I finally remember everything."

He broke into a wide grin, and leaned to to kiss me again. I soaked this moment in and added it to my pile of grad memorized. I couldn't even feel the pain anymore.

And then the nurse walked in.

Daniel pulled away and we both looked at the nurse sheepishly. She smiled slightly, but it was fine quickly.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news." she said gently.

I took a shuttering breath. Daniel took my hand, my left one, and gave it a slight squeeze. This small gesture calmed me.

The nurse continued on. "There has been severe damage to your spinal cord. It looks pretty bad, and your legs are town up too. But with surgery, we are pretty confidant that we can save your legs."

She looked hopeful, so I nodded. She patted the foot of my bed.

"I'll be back in and hour to prep you for surgery. We've already gotten your parents' approval."

I nodded and felt a tear slid down my cheek as she left the room.

Daniel and I just sat in silence for about 25 minutes, him holding my left hand and rubbing it gently, obviously deep in thought.

Finally, he just blurted out, "I'm sorry, Claudia. This is all my fault."

I shook my head. "No. We've gone over this already, and I don't want to go over it again. We both had fault. Just hold my hand, and we'll get through this together."

He nodded.

About 10 minutes before the nurse came, a sudden thought came to me.

"We need to call Lionel."

Daniel scowled. "He doesn't like me much right now."

I sighed, exasperated. "Hand me my phone."

Daniel reached over and handed I to me. I dialed Lionel's number. When he didn't answer, I took a deep breath and left a message.

"Hey, Lionel. Just calling to tell you that I'm going into surgery in about, 6 minutes. Ok, bye."

It was kind of a short, awkward message, but for some reason I felt it had to be done.

Finally, the nurse showed up and rolled to the prep room. There, they gave me some drug that made me pass out.

My dreams were pleasant. I was going through all o my memories. I had a vague thought that this is what happens right before you die, but that thought was quickly pushed away.

Most of the memories I relived we're the ones I had forgotten and recently gotten back, when Daniel, Lionel and I were kids.

Obviously, they were mostly about Daniel. But there was one that caught me off guard. I hadn't even realized it had been there, let alone thought about it.

It was right before I had left, just a few short months after Daniel. By this time, I had almost gotten over Daniel, and Lionel was the closest friend I'd ever had.

I remember my mom taking us to the store and giving us money to buy candy. We bought each other ring pops, exchanged them, and claimed we were married, just like every other little kid has done.

I left that very next day, Lionel and I crying and calling out to each other, clutching the ring pops to ourselves.

I slowly blinked my eyes open, my mind and sigh still groggy from the drug. I felt some one holding my hands, one on each side. Absent-mindedly, I rubbed my thumb along whoever's hand was holding my right hand. I'd always preferred my right hand to my left, so it felt natural to me to go to my right.

I suddenly stopped. That hand didn't feel right. I realized why. Lionel was sitting on my right, not Daniel.

I stealthily blocked my blush and turned my head to the left to meet Daniel's eyes. He smiled. "You made it out alive."

I giggled. "I should hope so. Unless this is the Underworld. Then that would mean that we're all dead…"

Daniel's mouth got real close to my ear. "Maybe we are."

For some reason, the way he said it sent chills up my spine. Bu the good, romantic kind of chills.

I felt Lionel release my hand and stand up, just when the doctor opened the door. Lionel quickly sat back down again, but didn't pick up my hand. I cursed myself for being slightly sad about it. After all, Daniel was my boyfriend.

The doctor had a very solemn look on his face. Not good.

"Miss Wilson, I'm afraid I have terrible news. You will never be able to walk again."

The End

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