One Wish


If there was one thing I wished, it would be for Lionel to make up his freaking mind! One moment he's all unconcerned and telling me that he doesn't care if Claudia and I are together, and the next he's yelling at me. Telling me how to treat my girlfriend. If there's anyone who needs to be told about how girls work it's him. 

Lionel's accusation "And you let her?" kept buzzing around my head. How was that my fault? She wanted to get, and I tried to stop her, but one can only go so far. What was Lionel suggesting? That next time I force her to stay in the car? That next time, I rob her of her free will?

He had no right to talk to me how he did. Especially after I tried to acknowledge him as a friend who had been there for Claudia before I could get there. What was his issue? And more to the point...


Why do I continue to make an effort to regain my wing-... my former wingman, if he was going to shoot me down instead of watch my back? My thoughts were constantly battling in my head:

Maybe it's time for new friends.

No! I can't just abandon Lionel. Friends aren't people who never have an argument. They are people who can still be cool after one.

But are you and Lionel friends?

Of... Of course we are...

Can you look yourself in the eyes and say that?


What do I do?

Claudia seemed to have forgiven me when I had first seen her, but looks could be deceiving. I waited in the hospital room for her to wake up so we could have an honest talk.

I couldn't help but that there was another person I needed to have an honest talk with. But I doubted he would even see me much less talk to me.

Why did my life have to get more complicated when it should have gotten so much simpler?

I scrolled through my cellphone while I waited for Claudia to wake up, looking for someone to talk to. Robert, Dane, Tyler, Forrest...

Forrest. It'd been awhile since we talked... in fact I hadn't seen much of him since soccer finished. He was a cool guy, kinda kept to himself but he was friendly.

I had just finished shooting him a text, when Claudia stirred next to me and her eyes blinked open.I took a deep breath and went to kiss her. To my relief...

She let me.

The End

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