Weeks go by…

I went home and got into my pj's, a tank top and shorts. Then I sat down at the computer. I noticed that I had an email.

I opened it up and smiled when I saw that it was from Daniel. I read it and thought about how to reply. Then I smiled wider. I had a better idea.

I opened up Skype and decided to call him on video. I debated on whether or not to style my hair quickly, but decided to just pull it into a ponytail, as Daniel answered.

I smiled at him. "That was quick. You must have been sitting at the computer, waiting for me to answer." I said jokingly, knowing it was true.

His sheepish grin confirmed my suspicions.

We talked for hours about nothing. It was refreshing.

I went to bed and got a good night's sleep.

Two weeks flew by, then two more, and everything was great. The four of us hung out, like nothing had happened.

I kinda noticed something weird between Lionel and Charles, but just blew it off. Throughout everything, they had just become like brothers.

Or so I thought.

The End

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