The Ring

Ok, let's back up a little.

When Daniel and I arrived at the dance, it was already crowded. I couldn't see Lionel or Samantha, so I figured they were off having fun. So I just went with it and took Daniel to the dance floor. He was a surprisingly good dancer.

I was having a lot of fun. For that one moment, I had no worries in the world, no cares. The only thing that mattered was dancing and flirting and sneaking in kisses. It was the most fun I've in a long time.

After what felt like hours, I was laughing so hard and talking so much that my throat  felt dry. I smiled up at Daniel.

"I'm thirsty." I stated.

He rolled his eyes and smiled. "I'm guessing you want me to go buy you a drink?"

I smiled sweetly. "I'll go with you."

He laughed his laugh, the one I love oh so much, grabbed my hand, put his arm around my shoulder, and we headed off to the bar.

That when everything went downhill.

We saw Lionel being attacked by Craig. We gave each other a look and took off running, dropping each other's hands.

While Daniel talked to Craig, I went over to see what was up with Lionel. I helped him stand up and spoke soothing words, trying to comfort him.

Then he ran.

"LIONEL!" I called, following after him, Daniel in tow.

We hopped into Daniel's car and drove off, Lionel having to much of a head start for us to catch him on foot.

When we got to Lionel's house, Daniel was the first one in.

He wouldn't let me see Lionel.

I was scared.

Racing home, I quickly changed out of my dress into something more comfortable, while I was dialing 911.

I hears the sirens coming and raced out my door and back to Lionel's house. When I arrived, Daniel pushed my into the ambulance, telling me to go with Lionel to the hospital. I gave him a quick kiss and focused my attention back on Lionel.

I was scared and worried for my friend. If I'd room to pace, I would have.

We finally arrive at the hospital after what felt like hours. Lionel was barely alive. I could barely hold back my tears.

Once the doctors got him wrapped up and settled, I paced the room.

Lionel sat up.

I was relieved and happy. So happy! My friend was better!

And I don't know how or why, but somehow that relief and happiness turned into…

A kiss.

Then Daniel walked in. I snapped my head up.

I couldn't quite process what he said, but I know it was directed towards Lionel.

I was shocked and ashamed at myself.

What was wrong with me? I loved Daniel, right?


The answer scared me.

I shut out the whole world.

I don't know how I got there, but I somehow ended up at Lionel's house. I somehow subconsciously knew that's the first place Daniel would go.

I ran into the house, calling Daniel's name at the top of my lungs.

I arrived at Lionel's room.

Something red caught my eye.

I took a step towards it, dreading what I would see, hoping for no more blood hat night. There'd been enough.

I took a bleep breath and opened my eyes, not even realizing that I'd closed them.

The words shook me to my core.

I couldn't read what was crossed out, but I recognized Daniel's writing above.

"Intermission. Begin act two."

I lost it. I cried for a full thirty minutes, nonstop.

What had I done?

I asked myself that question over and over.

Finally pulling myself together, I dragged myself off the floor and shuffles down to my house, trying to convince myself everything would be ok.

I thought I loved Lionel, but I knew that I loved Daniel.

It took a moment to sort it out in my mind, but I realized that I loved Lionel more like a brother, maybe even closer, but definitely not dating material. No offense to him, but I just somehow knew that we weren't mean to be together.

Which brought me to a situation. How to win Daniel back, or at least his trust.

My first initial thought was to flaunt my stuff, make him jealous and realize what he's missing.

So I looked through my jewelry box.

I found something I had forgotten about.

Which made me cry again.

My promise ring.

My parents gave it to me back in eighth grade, when thy let me start dating. I was very proud of the ring back then, but by my sophomore year, I had stopped wearing it. My parents hadn't said anything to me, but I could feel their disappointment for a while. That also faded off after a while, though now I wish it hadn't.

I silently made up my mind by sliding on the ring once again.

No more fake Claudia, dressed up trying to impress guys.

No, I was gong to be myself for once. In a long time.

And with a silent vow, I decided not to try to win Daniel back. If he cared about me as much as I card about him, he would come back eventually. Until then, I would enjoy myself and live life to the fullest.

I wiped my eyes and flipped through my clothes for something to wear tomorrow.

There. Jeans, converse, and a normal t-shirt.

I hadn't worn something like that since seventh grade.

Also, I needed to get rid of my make up and jewelry. I didn't have the heart to throw it all out, so I silently slide them into my little sister's room.

From then on, no more make up, and the only jewelry my ring.

That was the best nights sleep I'd had in a long time.

The End

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