Dancing, Doubts, and Some other D Word.


So. A dance. Hmm.

Now hold on to your seat because here comes a revelation that will shock your socks off.

I've never been to a dance.

It's not just that I haven't danced. I've never. Ever. Actually been to a dance.

See... with me... I'm not the most comfortable with romantic things. That being said, I've never really had a serious relationship. So with no good person to go with, I never saw the point of going to a dance.

So now what?

I know that Claudia dances... but I cannot go to the person I'm going to dance with, and ask them to teach me to dance. I talked to Lionel who kinda shied away from the subject of learning to dance. He said he had learned kinda recently, but wouldn't say more than that.

I wonder if... maybe I could... no.

I couldn't ask Samantha.

Could I?


I had to think of something else. I mean... I can say without a doubt that Lionel would never ask my girlfriend to teach him. So I would return the favor and think of something else.

Why learn in the first place? Is there really a specific way? I've seen enough movies to figure out that slow-dancing is really just swaying back and forth. Only with a partner.

Unless... They didn't waltz and stuff at dances did they?

Oh no.

No. No. No.


They wouldn't...would they?

I couldn't ask Claudia. Or Lionel. Or Samantha. Who could I...?


He could teach me! I whipped out my cell, found him my contacts, and called.

" 'ello?"

"Hey Charles! it's Daniel."

"Hey mate! What's going on?"

"I need some help."

"Those nasty buggers troubling you again? Oh I'll teach 'em this tim-"

"No! No. I umm... I need some advice and stuff... about dances."

There was silence on the other end of the phone.


Then an explosive laugh came through the receiver.

"Oh brilliant Daniel! Absolutely brilliant... that's cheeky... now what do you need?"

"I'm... being serious."

""Really? You? You're the bloody stud in this school! How do you not know abot dances???"

I sighed, "It's... really a bit of a long story Charles..."

"Ah that's bloody hilarious! Ah well... let's see... any questions that you have about them?"

"Umm is there any... ummm... waltzing?"

Another long laugh.

"You don't have a clue do you Daniel? No. There's no waltzing at a highschool dance. Who are you... Cinderella?"

"So there's no fancy dancing?"

"Listen Daniel... there's not a lick of dancing talent at a highschool dance. Ok?"

I calmed down a little... no waltz. Good.

"Alright. Thanks Charles."

"Anytime Chap."

I crashed on the bed and started thinking about the dance. The next few weeks wouldn't be able to pass quickly enough. A Christmas dance... The thought of seeing Claudia in a dress... very... distracting. 

Shut up ok?

The End

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