Brit-Man and Loner: The Jock's Assault

Robin, alias Lionel

 I didn’t need to go to the hospital with Claudia to know
something had happened. I already knew.

 I had watched the whole thing.

 An object flew across my bedroom, colliding hard with the
wall. I didn’t like Daniel all too much… but my own fear or Craig prevented me.
He and his fearsome-looking gang of fellow jocks circled around him wolf pack
style and then the punches were rounded in.

 After I initially snapped out of the shock of the
incident, I wasted no time thinking of a way to sneak out of my house. Claudia
had ran over to help him, so I assumed that she was getting him in to good
hands. I, and the other hand, hung him out to dry, or bleed in this instance. I
couldn’t let Craig attack anybody… not anymore. This wasn’t going to happen

 Contrary to popular belief, I am no wimp. I taught myself
self-defense and how to be as surprising in attacking someone as I can manage.
Daniel may have lost his round, but I wasn’t going to coward out, no… I was
tired of that.

 I felt like a complete jerk for letting that event play
out the way it did. Daniel… he’d be fine. Myself, however, I was emotionally
scarred. Craig, so far, had one-upped the two of us, and I was ready to dim
that score and his pride down a bit. It would serve him right.

 Daniel had made quiet the effort to earn my attention
over the past few days… and I could see what he wanted… his friend. I had
thought, ever since he jumped into the Craig situation, that I had judged him
too quickly. I cursed to myself… again, I did that, judging too quickly!  Slamming my fist against the wall, I promised
to myself not to do that again.

 Truth be told, I was getting sick of Samantha’s friends.
Day by day, they seemed to be growing farther away from me… and so did Samantha
herself. Craig was already on the move, trying to win her back… and I couldn’t
let that happen. What if I lost her again? I couldn’t have Claudia… she didn’t
love me in any aspect. Who in the world would be interested in a loner?

 I wanted my friend back.

 I ran over to the window, the shadows given off of the
moon creating a mask-like shape on my face. I had observed the fighting and I
knew in what direction Craig had gone in; down to the local park. His gang had
dispersed and gone their separate ways.

 My parents were home from their incredibly long business
trip, so I became more careful with tossing things in my room. I couldn’t go
running out at will anymore… I’d have to kick it into stealth gear. Escape the
clutches of my dark bedroom and get after the jock that beat up Daniel. No, not
Daniel… my friend Daniel.

 I slung open the window and looked down below me; the
roof was flat. If I jumped down on to it, and then on the ground, I had little
to no risk of breaking any bones. So I did this action; leaped out of my window
onto the roof, then proceeding to the ground.

 Well, I had successfully gone out of my room. Now to the
next important matter; setting the stage.

 I took out my cellphone and speed-dialed Claudia’s
number. It went straight to voicemail, so I left a quick message.

 “I know you’re at Daniel’s side. Just know this; he will
be… avenged”.

  I turned off the
phone and then promptly cussed out my completely cheesy message. Deciding to
not hang myself over this, I ran in the direction of the park. It was time to
trace Craig’s steps. Just as I began to do this, a whispered shout came out of
the darkness.

 “Oy! Oy! You down there!”

 I looked around me, and my eyes eventually set on a
teenager that looked to be my age leaning out of a window.

 “What’re you doing jumping out of a window? You bloody
Batman or something?”

 His accent was a very thick British; I immediately
figured out who it was.

 “Charles Franklin Dascher” I said, recalling his name
from when he introduced himself to me at the start of the school year. He was an
exchange student from Britain that everyone adored simply because of his
accent. I never knew where he lived, but then again he didn’t let himself be
seen by the public much.

 “I reckon that’s my name. And you’re the Loner” he said, nodding
as he did. “I don’t quiet recall anyone ever doing that in the middle of the
night. Where you off to?”

 “Why do you need to know?” I replied, my feet already
directing me away from his residence.

 “Well, if you can do it, so can I” came his response. I
gasped as Charles leaped out of his own window and landed perfectly on the
ground, no groans or shouts of pain emitted from his person. What the heck had
I just witnessed?

 “Right, always wanted to do that” he said, brushing
himself off. “Now, off we go then”. 

I waved my hands, motioning for him to slow down. “Let’s
dial it back… ok… uh… I don’t even know what to say”.

 Charles shrugged. “What can I say? I’m adventurous, and I
like following new faces”. He held out his hand. “Let’s shake, and be on our

“Umm… why do you even… what?” I managed to say. My brain
was having a large amount of trouble computing what exactly was happening right
in front of my eyes. “I really don’t want to… I… uh… please I need to do stuff”.

 “We can do it together then?” Charles asked, his hand
still outstretched.

 I wasn’t sure what to say or do. I hadn’t met a crazy,
genuinely crazy person before… but I think this Charles was insane. Jumping out
of a window, and then randomly asking if he could come along with me. I… I can’t
even think right now!

“Listen, I’m in to sneaking out at night just like you
are” Charles explained. “I always sneak out the back door. I just never thought
of straight-up jumping out of the window. Bloody brilliant that is”.

 “I don’t usually sneak out” I said slowly as though I
expect for him to not understand me otherwise.

 “I’m not insane creep-o, thank you” Charles snapped. “I’m
young, I’m reckless, what else can I say? Let’s go have some fun” he said,
already walking away.

 My mouth had dropped open. Never before had I met someone
just like this guy… and I… I still couldn’t think straight. His personality and
actions, having been only displayed to me for a few minutes… utterly confused
me. I actually stumbled on the pavement, I headache coming on.

 “You alright?” Charles asked, already helping me up to my
feet. I nodded in response, then began walking away with the clear intention of
avoiding him. When I heard him breathing beside me, I gave up and let him tag

 Today had been a learning experience I should say. I met
my first insane and reckless teenager, and got into my first fight. It
certainly wasn’t fun or easy to jump into, but I went forth with it.

 “Where exactly are we going anyway?” Charles asked me.

 “You just started following me… and now… I don’t even” I
said, still having trouble making conversation with this curious individual.

 “I don’t really like how you never speak clearly” Charles
replied, slightly annoyed.

 “I should be the annoyed one. You came down from your
window all of the sudden and just walked off into the night!”

 “So did you” he pointed out. Admitting to this fact, I
begrudgingly told him in a hinted form of speaking.

 “I’m going to jump into something that I know I should
jump into… at least my mind says I should… though I know it’s wrong and will
probably be the end of me” I explained.

 “Oh, a fight! I haven’t been in one of those in a while!”
came Charles’ excited reply. “Think of me like a Batman, and you’re my Robin; I
can’t lose a fight, and don’t intend to”.

 “How did you-“

 “Please, it’s high school! If you aren’t going out for a
night of sex and knocking some idiot hooker up, then you’re going out for a
fight. I know all of the classic signs. Seen them all”.

 “Well… yes… ok? I’m going to fight someone” my tone now
changed to being slightly annoyed, and rightfully so. 

“Well, tell me about this guy; is he big, strong, wimpy,
what?” Craig demanded for information.

 “I don’t even know you” I said, anger building up. “You
suddenly started following me, and now you’re talking with me like I’m your best
friend! Getting into my personal problems is another thing, too! Can you just
leave me to my own life please?”

 “Well, I’m offering my assistance. My parents always said
I was too social for my own good. I wanna rumble just like the next guy, so let’s
get this over with”.

 I entered the vicinity of the park with Charles in tow.
He was surveying the area, his eyes darting back and forth, pointing out the
smallest of details. I couldn’t see any sight of Craig, or maybe one of his
friends; beating up one of them would still mean something.

 Then I saw him… under a small rooftop, sitting on a
bench, his face brightened slightly by the light of a cellphone, was Craig.
Surrounding him were three sidewalk lanes, and plenty of vegetation that could
possibly hide me for an assault.

 He was laughing as his fingers pounded the buttons on his
phone. He even narrated what he was doing, silently but loud enough for me to

 “Yeah, beat that kid good. Black eye, yeah. I was
thinking of going to the hospital just to black the other one out”.

 Such comments enraged me to my very core. I almost
charged directly at him, but Charles held me back as though he knew exactly
what he was doing and what I was thinking.

 “Now now, don’t let him get to you. Those side-sayings
could send a fight into a bloodbath. Ignore them, or you’ll get bloodied pretty
good” Charles said, giving me instructions. He really knew how to handle

 “How do you know how to do this?” I muttered, amazed by
his leadership in this situation.

 “Young, reckless, that’s me” he said, showing off a large
grin. He pushed me forward into a bush. “If we stay low and attack from both
sides, he won’t beat us. It can take just two men to take the biggest man out,
believe me because I’ve seen it”.

 My mind still in a daze from this mysterious British
exchange student, I did as he told me to and hid in the bush. He silently crept
away, gesturing at me to stay still. I looked around and saw his face protruding
from a bush opposite mine. He pointed at Craig’s person and nodded, thrusting
his fist forward to drive his point home.

 This was it then… after Daniel was beat up… and after the
appearance of this weird British character Charles… I was ready to move.
However, I had more trick up my sleeve.

 I purposefully rustled the bush I was in, then hid away
in another. Craig had stood up, instantly alert. I made movement in the next
bush, causing him to step forward at it. I moved back around to the next bush.
Charles had caught on what I was doing and copied by actions. Craig was surrounded
by the ominous sounds of a predator coming in for the kill.

 Sweat dripping from his forehead, Craig shouted. “Where
are you!”

I couldn’t believe the timing of this. I has positioned
perfectly behind his person. Silently, I revealed myself and spoke right into
his ear while he was still facing away.

 “Right behind you”.

 I ducked under his punch and served an uppercut to his
chin. He quickly recovered and was about to connect a deadly blow to my face
when Charles intervened and tackled him out of the way. Even a man of Craig’s
size crumpled under the British student’s attack. However, he got up fast and
landed a punch on Charles’ face.

 I didn’t know Charles, but he generously offered me his
help without knowing me at all. I sent a roundhouse kick at Craig’s face, and I
heard it connect with deadly force. His feet swept at me in retaliation and
knocked me off balance. Charles was there to give me assistance and punched
Craig in the eye.

 “Got a nice black spectacle for you, like it?” Charles
said, jumping on one foot from the other in his own unique fighting stance.

 I jumped on Craig’s back and pulled him in the opposite direction
he wanted to move in. This gave Charles and opportunity to land a deathly blow
to a very bad spot on Craig’s body. He grunted, and then fell back on purpose to
crush me. Charles struggled to free me, and eventually succeeded.

 Craig had brought us into the uncomfortable situation of
being two on one in the open, with both of us in front of him. One sweep of his
large leg sent Charles and I flying backwards. He followed up with a punch that
slammed against my cheek.

 I kicked him in the chest, but it didn’t faze him. He
continued to pound me into the ground until I saw Charles shout out a curse
word and slug Craig’s face with the force intended to knock it off of his

 The giant was still standing, and far from out. It would
take all night to take him out, I reasoned. The fight went on with both sides
landing equally rough blows on each other. Having never been in a fight before,
I was amazed at my endurance.

 However, Craig was experienced enough to guess that I
wasn’t good at battle. He came after me in a series of blows that managed to
knock me into the bench, my back making a sickening ‘crack’-ing sound as I
landed. He kicked me straight in the chest, the painful sound that rang in my
ears and the agony that followed made me believe Craig had managed to break one
of my bones.

 My vision now blurry, my face covered slightly with
blood, I collapsed onto the ground. I lazily rolled my head around to witness
what happened next.

 Craig was having a hard time combating Charles, who had
proven to be quick on his feet. Only because of his sheer size and brute
strength was Craig proving to be the winner. Charles was forced onto the
ground, and Craig kneeled down beside him. His hand wrapped around Charles’

 He started to squeeze.

 Grunting, I dragged my body up into a standing position.
The pain was unbearable, like nothing I had ever felt before. This was for my
friends I shouted in my head… I wasn’t going to fall down. I finally stood
erect on my feet, a new power coursing through my veins

 With a loud shout, I combined my fists together and brought
them down on Craig’s head. I couldn’t believe how much strength I put into this
one motion… but my mouth dropped open in shock as the giant jock slumped over.
Had I… what did I…

 Charles slowly got to his feet, shoving Craig’s body off
of him. I was still shaken from realizing that my strength was much greater
than I had been led to believe.

 We were both breathing heavily, our faces bloodstained.
We observed the damage we did to Craig. Smiling, we high-fived each other and
walked away, me limping, Charles with his head held high.

 All over the time we traveled, Charles praised me for the
far from exceptional skills I brought to the skirmish. He seemed genuinely
impressed. I, and the other hand, thanked him as much as I could until my voice
gave out, the only sound I could make being a weak cough.

 We had reached our neighborhood, and it was here I
expected to part ways the British student who may have saved my life… and I
saved his.

 “You are… interesting to say the least” Charles said,
smiling. “I’ve got to say, you seem like a pretty cool kid. Nice in a fight,
yet that was your first one?”

 I nodded, and Charles said nothing more. He respected the
lack of my voice.

 “You’ve got to go somewhere, I can take you” he offered. “I’m
still ready for a night of doing whatever. I must say, I’m bloody pumped”.

 I thanked him for the offer and accepted it. He led me
over to a nice silver Jeep parked in his front yard. He jumped into the driver’s
seat and turned the preset keys into the ignition.

 “Uh… know how to drive?” I asked him uneasily, my voice
allowing me to make this all-important question.

 “Relax… I do this all the time” Charles responded, a wide
grin on his face,

 When the two of us entered Daniel’s hospital room to see
him and meet Claudia, I couldn’t tell which one of us was more surprised. I
didn’t care too much about what anyone else thought at this point. All I knew
was that this random British exchange student and I dealt out some
well-deserved payback.

 Daniel could rest easily; I had avenged him. If he wanted
his friend back, I was open for the taking.

The End

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