Ice Cream

Sitting in my room, I had a sudden urge for ice cream. So I grabbed my purse and left, yelling behind me to my mom, "I'm going to the gas station. I have my phone. I'll call you on my way back."

I stepped out the door, enjoying the weather. It was the perfect temperature, cold enough that you cold wear a jacket if you wanted to, but warm enough that you didn't have to. I choose the second option.

I started down the street, when I heard a voice croak out my name. Startled, I spun around to see Daniel on the sidewalk. I gasped. He had a black eye and blood pouring from various places on his body.

I rushed over, feeling sick to my stomach but feeling the need to comfort him. I carefully lay his head in my lap and dialed 911. By the time they picked up he had already passed out.

My hands shook as I closed my phone and waited for the ambulance to arrive. I hoped against hope that they didn't arrive too late. I played with his hair as tears ran down my face.

"You just look so darn cute with a black eye." I sniffled, trying to help myself out with humor.

I could've sworn I saw him smile in his sleep.

Finally, the meds arrived and carefully laid him on a stretcher. I had to fight with them to get in the ambulance with him.

"Please!" I cried, begging. "I'm his girlfriend. Hell want me there."

That finally convinced them. They let me on, and we took off.

Throughout the ride, I just held Daniel's hand and kept telling him he'd be all right. He drifted in and out of sleep, but the meds were getting worried.

It only occurred once we got o the hospital that I hadn't called Daniel's parents. So I did.

After calling them, I still felt like someone was missing.


I knew they weren't on the best of terms at the moment, but I believed that he needed to know.

So I dialed his number. 

"Lionel? Yeah, it's Claudia. Something happened to Daniel."

It was after I hung up that I remembered why I went outside in the first place. I snifflef back a laugh. Ice Cream suddenly didn't seem as important anymore.

The End

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