Presenting the Loner


 The note was promptly crumpled up and tossed into the
nearest trash bin before I could even read it. All I could see on it was
Daniel’s handwriting… and I already told him I had no intention of hanging out
with him anymore. Wingman? Yeah right. He’ll have to interview for someone else
for that job.

 More plans were made for the weekend between Samantha and
I. As far as I was concerned, I had nothing to do whatsoever except spend time
with her. All Claudia had done the rest of the day was look over at me with
that depressed look. She was too late, much too late. If she wanted to go and
fool around with Daniel or whatever boy she suddenly picked up… that was up to

 Sitting down roughly on the living room couch, I got to
work on my school tasks for the day. There was so much to do, and I wasn’t
prepared to fall behind. Stay ahead of the game, I told myself. Lose yourself
and then feel the pain.

 I heard a knock at the door… a knock… at my door? This
wasn’t a common occurrence for me. Stunned, I slowly rose from my seat and
approached the entrance to my house, not knowing who was standing behind it. My
initial thought was that it was Samantha coming over, but it wasn’t.

 I opened the door up to Claudia decked out in a beautiful
jade dress. My jaw dropped open; she had never opted to wear such clothing
before. The first thought that went on in my head was ‘date’, and from what she
said following this I was right.

 “I was just… heading down to Daniel’s… coming?” she asked
in a rushed, out of breath voice.

 “Well, that’s just typical. Flock to him, isn’t that what
you’ve always done?” I spat, ready to slam the door. She should’ve gotten my
message from earlier in the principal’s office, but it obviously didn’t pierce
her skull.

 “Please, you know he means well” she pleaded with me.
“You two have been arguing for so much… and… I…”

 I cut her off before her stuttering speech pattern could
continue. “Remember what I said at the principal’s office… remember that.
Everything I said… I meant every word. Daniel is nothing to me… nothing! He can
do as he likes, and I won’t be there to stop him, or to back him up. You’re all
alone on an island, yet you hop on his boat”.

 She looked as though she might be close to tears, but
this didn’t faze me at all. I felt slightly bad for treating her this way, but
at the same time I knew she deserved every bit of it. I waved my hands at her,
motioning for her to go away.

 “Just leave me alone… go to him, like you always have.
See if I care… go ahead, go see if I care!” I shouted, fed up with her
predictable behavior.

 “I didn’t want to go just by myself… I want to go with
you” she said, her voice now as audible as a whisper. A single tear fell from her

 “Do… what you want… just know… that I’m done. You care
for him the most… always have. He comes back and first thing he does is win you
over… you fell for him, and look where that’s gotten you so far. I’m with
someone else now, so I’d prefer it if you… stepped out the door. Now, please”.

I gestured once again at the open doorway. She looked at
me, then back out into the night. Another look fell down at her watch, and I
saw it was around 8:32. Whatever she was doing, it was going on late. A whole night
making out or something? That wouldn’t surprise me.

 What happened next surprised me. She stepped out the
door, so I assumed I would shut it. Just as I began to do so, she rushed back
up and pushed the door aside. Surprised and slightly angry, I moved to close
the door on her began, but then she kissed me fully on the lips for a good ten
seconds or so. Right afterwards, she was gone, and she was the one that shut
the door on her way out.

 Throughout the night, I was standing still in my place.
All I had asked for was one day, one moment where it would be just me and her…
and I got it. It was all I needed… but what exactly did it mean?

 She never completely left my side… she was always there…
was I too quick to judge her? Was she nice… all along? Maybe I was wrong about
her… not Daniel… but her. There were some holes I had to fix, and it seemed as
though homework took second place to resurrecting the problems between us.

 I nearly broke down my door as I burst through it. I
almost forgot to close it behind me, but thankfully I did. I sprinted down the
sidewalk down to the residence I knew belonged to Daniel. Claudia had just
walked in, and before the door could close behind her I snuck in, barely
missing the edge of it.

 Daniel and Claudia turned around quickly, and both of
them looked just as surprised as me that I showed up at the event. Ignoring
Daniel’s gaze, which looked slightly like… hatred? I walked away and sat down
on a nearby couch.

 “I’d like to get things established and wrapped up. It
seems you do to” I began, my voice feeling the strain of talking so much.

 Before Daniel could begin this meeting her arranged, I
made my own points. “Tell me why you think you can take things away from me…
tell me why you think you can turn around and call me a backstabber… when all
along… you know… I met her first” I said, my voice slightly raspy towards the

 He opened his mouth to object, but I wasn’t done. “I’d
like to be enlightened… not to here to drone on about how we can fix our
friendship. It won’t happen. I’d just like one simple question answered” I
said, leaning forward. “Why?”

 Daniel and Claudia said nor did anything, but they stood
where they would. I began to become slightly irritated; I wanted answers and
wanted them now. 

“You know I’m being completely serious” I said, beginning
to cough from using my voice too much. “Just tell me what I want to know, and
then I’ll be on my way”.

 Slowly, Daniel lowered himself down to a sitting
position, but other than that he still did nothing at all. Now I was beginning
to get extremely annoyed. I stood up, nodded a goodbye, and began to walk out
the doorway when I heard a voice behind me.

 “Sorry” came a sound strewn with sadness. I spun around
to see Daniel, whose eyes were beginning to like slightly red and watery.
“Everything I’ve said in done so far that I should have done… I’m sorry. All of
it… I’m sorry”.

I observed him closely… was he being serious. I looked at
him hard, and he returned the gaze. He looked like he meant every word he said…
and I could trust him. No, the other half of my mind shouted at me. Don’t trust
him… don’t give in.

 Slowly, I walked back into the room, Daniel’s look still
following me. I lowered myself back into my seat and leaned back in it. I think
I had heard what I wanted to… this was an apology.

 Daniel took a deep breath, and what he began to say next
made me wish I had just left when I had the chance…

The End

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