I was mad at myself. I knew my dad would kill me when he got home, for getting sent to the principle's office. Taking deep breaths, I calmly took out my iPod. The only thing that could calm me at a time like this was to read.

Slipping on my headphones, I went turned on my instrumental songs and went to my Nook app.

The book I was reading was called Tiger's Voyage. It was the third book, and at that moment, I felt connected to the main character Kelsey. She was torn between two amazing men and didn't know who to choose.

Though I wasn't in exactly the same boat as her, I felt our situations were similar. When Ren, the boy of her dreams, told her that he didn't want to see he anymore, I cried myself, praying to God that that wouldn't happen to me.

I wiped my eyes as the bus slowed down. I quickly gathered my things and stepped off the bus, still sniffling and trying to avoid Daniel.

I quickly entered my house and ran up to my room, taking the stairs two at a time.

Plopping onto my bed, I took Daniel's note out if my backpack. I read it again, memorizing his handwriting.

By this time, I had decided to stop ignoring my feelings for him. It wasn't working anyways. If he just wanted to be friends, then whatever, at least we'd still be a part of each other's lives.

But let's see if we can change that, shall we… I said to my self, grinning.

Making up my mind, I looked through my closet, trying to find a specific outfit…

There it was! I smiled to my self, pulling out the dress. It was a jade green, the same color as my eyes. But it was the designs that I loved most. In gold thread, there was a large portrait of a dragon on the front. It fell right above my knees. Because it was strapless, I found my gold short sleeve jacket that fell just below my ribs.

Walking to the bathroom, I piled my hair into an intricate design and topped it off with gold glitter. Looking through my jewelry, I found my gold dragon earrings and my gold dragon necklace. My bracelet was gold with an imprint of a dragon.

Moving on to my make up, I dabbed on gold eyeshadow and applied gold lipstick. I couldn't find my gold mascara, so I had to "borrow" my mom's.

Satisfied with my look, I went back to my room. Time for shoes. I was trying to decide on which pair of sandals I wanted to wear, when I realized that mom had told boots. Perfect. I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind me "borrowing" any thing else of hers…

Pulling on my tights and zipping up the boots, I walked over to the full length mirror that hung on my door. I smiled at the result. I looked stunning. I doubted if any boy could resist my charm.

Just then, my dad walked in. My great mood fell through the roof. He didn't look happy.

Crap, I'd forgotten about the priciple's office.

But my dad took in my appearance and realized that I had plans.

"Do you have a date tonight?" he asked me, clearly still mad but not wanting to ruin my night.

I nodded. "Kind of." I lied.

He cocked his head. "With who?"

Suddenly shy, I looked down and whispered, "Daniel."

My dad stood up, confused. "Your imaginary friend? Claudia, I thought we talked some sense into you years ago! Now, you suddenly…"

I cut him off with a motion. "A different Daniel, ok?"

He nodded and left.

I looked at my watch. 8:31.

Crap, I was late.

Grabbing my purse, I ran out the door and across the street. Stopping at the door to fix my outfit, I calmly knocked. Daniel's mom answered.

"Claudia, dear! How are you?" she asked, before she was gently pushed away by Daniel.

I waved at him. "Hi Daniel."

The End

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