Lots of them.

Too many of them.

What do I do?

I couldn't go hang out with Lauren. I mean after Lionel shot his mouth off, she'd probably avoid for a while at best. That and it'd be predictable.

Lionel called me out. I couldn't do what he said I would.

I kept trying to shut out Lionel's thoughts, but they leapt unbidden to my mind. As much as I hated thinking it... he was right.

But so was I.

He admitted that he was jealous. Kind of. He admitted that he cared for Claudia and... as a best friend... I had to respect that. As understanding as I could have been however... Lionel could have approached me. I couldn't help make a situation less awkward if I didn't know what the situation was. So again I came to the million dollar question.

What should I do?

Things were falling apart. If it kept up, this would be one big nightmare. It couldn't end up like that. It was supposed to be a dream come true! How did it come to this?

I sighed, shut my locker, and went for the bus. If I was honest with myself I could admit that I would take an ok dream over a nightmare.

If I couldn't have Claudia... I could live with that. As long as I could still hang out.

Of course... I would prefer having Claudia.

I beat Claudia and Lionel to the bus. I came up with a plan to patch things up. If not a patch then at least a way to slow down the flow. I grabbed my notebook from my bag, and scribbled two notes, ripped the paper in half and placed them in Claudia's and Lionel's normal seats.

A few minutes later they arrived. Claudia alone. Lionel with Samantha. They spotted the notes and read them, but neither of them looked back. I didn't really expect them to. I just hoped that they actually read the notes.

The bus dropped me off, I went inside through the back door to avoid the Inquisition, and began making preparations for guests. The notes were invitations.

"Come by my house tonight at 8:30. I think we need to talk. If not for me... do it for what we used to be... Ready or not..."

So maybe the last part was a bit corny. But hey if it worked, it worked.

At 8:25 I leapt down the stairs and sat by the door.

"Ready or not... hopefully they come."

The End

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