I paused, choking back tears. I felt stupid. Of course he didn't like me, I barely remembered his name!

But it still hurt. If we were supposedly besties, why would he hurt me like this? I mean, we weren't really going out, but with our kisses yesterday, I though maybe…

I shook my head, determined to ignore him. But it was so hard to do. So painfully hard.

I wanted to sit next to Lionel, but he already had a seat saved beside  him for Samantha. So I sat behind him, in front of Daniel.

It was an awkward bus ride. I don't know if Daniel or Lionel felt it, but I was almost shaking from the tension.

What had gone wrong? I suddenly remembered telling Daniel that I had asked Lionel to go to the movies first…

I slapped my forehead, feeling stupid. How much worse could it get, telling the guy you just kissed twice that you had asked another guy first?

I understood why he'd be mad, but that didn't give him the right to go kiss another girl, right in front of me.

My hurt quickly turned to anger. When we pulled up to the school, I set out on a scavenger hunt to find the cutest guy possible.

I had to stop myself before my brain told me that it wasn't possible, because the cutest guy was Daniel. I really needs to stay away from him.

Thinking back, I was disgusted to recall that he'd been kissing Lauren Webbster, known throughout the school to be the head cheerleader and a complete jerk.

But that's ok, bacau we she has a twin brother. Turning on my flirtatious charm, I sidled up to Austin.

"Hey Austin." I said, coyly applying my cherry red lipstick.

He gulped and smiled at me. "Hi, Cl-Claudia." he stumbled over his words, which I thought was cute.

No! my heart screamed, but my brain urged me on, kept telling me that Daniel deserved it after what he did. After all, I was just paying him back in the same way.

Just then, I saw Daniel turning the corner, holding hands with Lauren. Speak of the devil.

Quickly, I stepped up to Austin and kissed him. Long and hard. Long enough for Daniel and Lauren to pass.

In my peripheral vision, I saw Lauren's look of discuss and Daniel's look of jealousy and anger, right before he planted another one on Lauren.

This started an all-out kissing war. That is, until we got in trouble. Apearently, we're not allowed to miss in school. Imagine that.

Marching down the principal's office, I grabbed Austin's hand. Daniel immediately snatched Lauren's. We kept giving each other the  death glare.

When we finally got to the office, they separated us; Lauren and Austin in one side, me and Daniel on the other.

The End

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