I watched Lionel run off in a confused and concerned state of mind. Friends argue. It happens. But most friends don't act like they're about to have a seizure or something...

Setting weird behavior aside, Lionel hadn't done much to assuage my suspicions.

I walked home pondering our argument, my plan, and Claudia. The results weren't perfect but I was definitely making some headway. I walked in the door and my mom asked the question.

"How was school today?"

"Great actually."

My mother turned away from the dishes and looked at me, eyebrows raised.

"Well that's an improvement! What happened?"

Could I tell her? Ahh what the heck... sure I could.

"I kissed Claudia. She seems to be remembering me."

My mother's eyes were smiling, but she kept her mouth carefully neutral.

"Remembering you? How could she forget?"

I lost my smile. My happiness. My good mood. My mother seemed to have noticed it as well, but she let me speak first.

"That's... a good question... one which I'm still trying to figure out... and... well it's complicated mom."

Then my mom said the greatest thing she had said all day.

"Well I won't pry, but I'll be here if you need to talk about it. I'll leave you alone."

I trudged up to m room, tossed my backpack in a corner, and flopped on the bed for some detective work. At least... that's what the plan was. Until my cell phone rang, and I didn't recognize the number.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"It's Claudia."

"Claudia? Hey! How'd you get my number?" She giggled and whispered,

"I'm a spy. But don' tell anyone."

"Claudia... it's good to hear from you... but umm, do you like... remember me now?"


"That's the thing Daniel. I... We... I think we need to talk. You know... sort things out a little. Can I come up?" Did she have to ask?

"Sure! You mean you aren't doing anything tonight?"

"Nope. I called Lionel to se if wanted to go to a movie bu-"

I stopped listening. Lionel? Lionel? She called LIONEL first? I guess talking was really high on her priority list.

"Umm wait Claudia. I think I might be busy. Hang on I need to check my calendar."

"Daniel? Wait, is something wro-"


"Whoops wrong button." I said to myself.I returned my phone to my jeans pocket and fell to my bed once more.


He probably went right to Claudia after he spoke with me. Best friends. Hilarious.An I thought my jokes were bad. What kind of best friend steals your almost girlfriend, and then lies about it?

I mean come on people. At least Freddy Krueger didn't pretend to be your friend before he killed you.I began to think of ways to... get revenge, show my displeasure, whatever you want to call it. I was having such a good time that I fell asleep, with thoughts of the next day running through my head.

She thought she knew?



When Claudia found me on the bus the next day, I was so busy that I couldn't even look at her. Well I could have... but it would have been hard. And awkward.

I mean... you don't look at your ex-crush when you're kissing another girl.

The End

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