One Week.


The bell rang, class ended, and the awkward began.

Lionel walked out with the blond chick, and if memory served me correctly she was Samantha. Whatever had happened between them seemed to have ended well because when Lionel and I walked in Samantha was a lighthouse of admiration. Good for him. I wasn't sure what had happened since I left... but whatever occurred had changed Lionel.

He needed to get out more.

I left class, shooting a glance at Claudia as I did. She wasn't looking at me. No surprise I guess. As I opened my locker Lionel's last words echoed through my mind.

“If she still doesn’t know by the end of the week, you can
count on my backing you up.”

That was Lionel. He played it off as a time factor... which I guess was possible... but it just seemed... unlikely. I mean... she remembered Lionel quite well.


What if my wingman wasn't being completely honest with me? I mean as much as I hated thinking it I did have some supportive evidence... everytime I came into the same room as Lionel he glared at me for a moment then tried to mask it. I caught it. During the times that Claudia and I had spoken with Lionel being privy... I could almost swear I saw a smug shadow on his face.

Maybe him and Claudia...? No. I mean... maybe... but then what about Samantha? I grabbed my bag slammed my locker and went for the bus, confusion throwing a big old party in my head... I tried to shake it off. It was probably nothing. What I needed to do was figure out how to get Claudia's attention and memory back and while I wasn't going to try and bash my way through this...

I did have a few tricks up my sleeve.


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all passed.

No response from Claudia. But I had a failsafe plan.

Meaning it either wouldn't fail... or I was safely ensured to fail... I'd prefer the first one.

I went for the bus and sat in the seat next to Claudia's usual spot. When I saw her walking towards the bus followed by Lionel and Samantha... I rubbed my hands together and prepared myself.

Things might get ugl-.... awkward... I meant awkward.

The lovebirds sat in their spot two rows in front of us. Claudia kept going and sat down next to me. She had her headphones in again... they weren't as obvious as a "Do Not Disturb Sign" but... they got the point across.

The ride passed in relative silence. We turned onto my road and the bus began slowing to a halt.

Time to move.

I plucked Claudia's headphone from her ear and let it dangle off her shoulder. She turned to me with anger, annoyance, and confusion on her face.

"Would you not do that plea-"

Quick as flash I leaned forward, kissed her on the lips, and whispered,

"Ready or not here I come."

The End

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