The Bus Ride


I was curious as to who this new boy was. Apparently, Lionel and I used to hang out with him. I vaguely remembered his face, but it was so faint it could've been anyone.

A sudden memory came to mind. I remembered at my sixth birthday party, I asked where Daniel was. My parents smiled at me and laughed, asking the classic "Aren't you too old for an imaginary friend?"

Could it be… I shook my head. No, it wasn't the same Daniel. How was that possible? Daniel was my imaginary friend that I had for the first five years of my life. It was hard to let him go, but I eventually grew up and learned. Only little kids have imaginary friends.

On the bus that afternoon, I sat down by myself, as usual. Throwing my backpack, purse, and lunchbox down on the seat beside me, I took out my math homework. Graphing. I rolled my eyes. I had to have the world's hardest math teacher. We had to number each point, label EVERYTHING on the graph, blah, blah, blah…

I was so intent on my work I didn't notice that someone had sat in front of me. It was his voice that had caught my attention. It brought up another memory…

I shook my head. It still hurt from this morning trying to remember another memory. I looked up at him through my hair. The new kid, Daniel. It took all of my self constraint to be nice to him, because frankly, I was tired and my head was pounding. So many memories…

I plastered on a cheery smile that I didn't feel. "Hello, Daniel. I didn't know you ride my bus."

He nodded, and just kept giving me this weird state. Then, out of nowhere, he whispered, "You really don't remember me."

It seemed more like a personal revelation then a comment to me, so I turned  back to my math homework. It was the most awkward bus  ride of my entire life. After a few minutes, he turned around and I took out my iPod just to drown out the silence.

Come to think of it, that was the awkward part. My bus was actually quiet. My bus was NEVER quiet. I snuck a quick look to the seat in front of me.

Just who are you, Daniel…

The End

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