I lept down the stairs, grabbed my backpack, and was out the door without even considering breakfast.The move had gone smoothly, although I have no idea how my parents had been able to keep the whole thing a secret for so long. My dad had gotten home from work at his usual time yesterday. Everything was ready and we left.

I mean everything.

My parents had already found a house, enrolled me in school, and were closing up a sale on our current house.

Gosh those guys good.

But enough about yesterday I thought. Today is the big day.

I made friends easily so it wasn't like I was lonely at all the other schools I had been to, but you know how that song goes:

Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and the others gold.

I never forgot Lionel and Claudia. It's really kind of hard to forget your best friends. I doubt I could have done it if I had tried. I rode my bike to school because #1: It was good exercise, and #2: The bus had already come and gone. Not that that was bad thing because the route to school was a familiar one. Believe it or not, my parents had found our old house on the market. It was like returning home after a vacation.

I rode in with 10 minutes to spare, locked my bike up, and went to the office to grab my schedule. Chemistry was first.

I made it to class and chose a seat in the middle of the room. It was an old habit. It wasn't too far back for me to be considered a slacker and it was also back enough for me to observe some of the others in the class.

By others I meant smart people.I wasn't a genius by any means but I still kept a nice 94 average throughout the year and having rednecks didn't exactly make good study buddies.

The bell rang and the teacher went to close the door when two individuals snuck in. They went for the front row and after a moment or two they began a whispered conversation. It was kinda funny actually those two kinda looked like...

"Lionel? Claudia?"

The heads in front of me spun around to face me and for a moment we all stared at each other.

"Dude no way. No way! Daniel?" said Lionel as a smile crawled across his face. He held out a hand and I obligingly high-fived it. I glanced at Claudia who surprisingly hadn't spoken yet and said,

"Hey Claudia. Hows it going?"

She stared at me. Then slowly she turned to Lionel and mouthed,

"Who is he?"

I smiled. Claudia loved to joke. I waited for the inevitable smile and greeting.When it didn't come after a few seconds I shot a glance at Lionel who looked as confused as I did. He also looked a little... if I hadn't have known him I would have said he looked a little pleased. But that couldn't have been possible. Lionel and I had each others backs. Always did.

"Claudia that's Daniel. You know... Daniel? He moved away just before you did."

She looked at me hard. She looked like she recognized me... but it was a "Yeah I might have seen him before" recognition, not the "HEY! I KNOW  YOU!!!" recognition.

By this point I could tell that Claudia wasn't joking.

"Claudia... I... you... ummm... remember that hide and seek game... and we... ki-"

"Alright class take out your notebooks and let's get started!"

Lionel turned to the front as did Claudia, but her gaze lingered a moment longer. There was no reaction to my presence. No joy. No sadness.


The End

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