The Good Old Days

"So how was school?"

With that question my after school routine began.

"It was good."

"Good? What does good mean?"

"Oh the usual."

My mom was one of those cool moms. Nothing fazed her, she was ok with everything, and she never pried. Well almost never.

"The usual huh? Well I've been hearing that for 11 years. So lets see... OH! SO today you lost your first tooth?"

I fought back a grin.

"No mom."

"Ok then... oh today you won the Little League Championship right?"

This time the grin won.

"Mom Little League was seven years ago."

"Well let me see... I have eleven years worth of material to cover... how about you help us both out and tell me."

I held up my hands in an admission of defeat.

"Well I aced my Calculus test, finished filming for my broadcasting project, and laid down some plans for this weekend."

My mom's smile faltered for just a moment.

Uh oh.

"Mom? What's up?"

The smile was back in place as she answered, "Oh the usual."

"Mom. Really. What's wrong."

She dropped the smile and turned back around. As she did I caught a glance of what she was working on.

It was a cardboard box. She was packing.

"We're moving again aren't we?"

Her shoulders sagged and I knew that I had hit it on the nose.

"Where are we going?"

She spun back to face me another real smile on her face.


I dropped my backpack.

I blinked.

My heart stopped altogether.


My mom smiled and nodded. She knew what this meant. It meant I was being reunited with my oldest, bestest friends. And yes bestest is a word.

It meant Lionel.

It meant... Claudia.

I was going home.

The End

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