Introduction to a Loner's Prologue


 My memories had been in a daze ever since the parting of
my friends… we all moved away so quickly to different elementary schools, and
then on to middle school. I had always been hung up over losing the two of
them; Daniel and Claudia. I couldn’t possibly forget their names. All we had
done over the years was stick together like glue, but soon we started to grow
apart, and this became all too apparent when the boxes were revealed, a fact I
hadn’t even known until a few days later.

 People never called me by name unless they were of
adulthood. Most of the time, it was a simple ‘Hey you’ or ‘Loner’. And it was
by my own choice that I took this lifestyle. Talking never had been my strong
point, and neither had been being a romantic. That was clearly evident when
Daniel ran off with her… that’s why I never knew he was going to leave, and by
then he had already left too big of an impression on her.

 I always cursed when I got the chance, but it was always
under my breath. I had met Claudia first, I always felt as though we had been
the best of friends. Daniel, of course, I could never replace, but I sometimes
cussed him out when he wasn’t looking. It was my friend, the one I had feelings
for before he ever came along.

 Samantha, of course, still poisoned my thoughts. I was
young, middle school, I get it. You aren’t supposed to get wrapped in
relationships so in-depth that you can’t get out. But I did… it was one of the
few times that I felt close to grasping the sense of belonging, a feeling I haven’t
felt since they left. As soon as she suddenly walked away one day, I was
devastated. We had kissed on multiple occasions, back when I told myself I had
some sort of ‘charm’, and they weren’t regular pecks, but passionate make-out

 I blamed myself for digging in too deep, but not
completely. She had said nothing, nor had I, I hadn’t done anything and neither
had she. Once again, a third character stepped in and took her away from me… it
was becoming a running theme I believe.

 I was careful to lock my mouth and never speak unless
someone important spoke something important. Other than that, I was the
stereotypical kid that leaned on walls in dark corners and brooded silently to himself.
This was, as I stated, by my choice. Trying to get involved brought me nothing but
pain, so I always decided to keep my emotions and thoughts to myself.

 I had always been told I was nice, grown-ups and peers
alike. Plagued by the actions of others, I hid those character traits away and
never used them.

 I could see the entrance of my classroom opening up, and
I was nearly late. It was only the first week of the new school year, and I was
about to be late! I was just barely able to slip in past the door and make a
hurried walk to my seat.

 As soon as I did this, my teacher slammed the door, but
not before yet another individual snuck in. She was beautiful; long red hair
with jade eyes…

 What a minute… I knew those features...

 She looked over at me, and it wasn’t hard to tell she had
recognized me as well.

 The teacher approached her.

 “Claudia, please take your seat”.

 The two of us shared slight smiles. It was her… no doubt about
it. Maybe it was in fact too early to decide that I was going to go solo my
whole life…

The End

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