Forgotten Attraction

Claudia, Daniel, and Lionel were best friends. Then Daniel moved away. And now he's back. Some things never change. Others do. Drastically.

I ran through the park, trying to find a good hiding place. I could hear Lionel counting down in the background. I grabbed Daniel's hand and we ran faster, ducking into the big slide just as Lionel stopped counting. Holding our breath, we heard him say: "Ready or not, here I come!"

Giggling, Daniel and I climbed higher up the slide. It was there that I had my first kiss. It wasn't much. We just talked, knowing that it would take Lionel forever to find us. When Daniel's mom called, he looked shy. When I asked him what was wrong, he smiled and pecked me on the lips.

In a childish daze, I followed him down the slide. Lionel had given up and gone home, like usual. Holding hands, Daniel and I walked back to his house, which was just across from mine.

The first thing we saw were the boxes. Lots of them. In the long day, we had forgotten that Daniel was moving. The next day. Early. We ran to his mom, told her that we were best friends and they couldn't eat us apart no matter how hard they tried. She just laughed, pulled us both into a hug, and tugged Daniel inside. I never saw him again.

Through the years, I forgot about him. How could I have forgotten?

The End

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