No One Should Underestimate A Janitor

Hello. My name is George. But you don't really care what the heck my name is. Why? Because I'm a janitor. I'm a janitor in the Empire State building. No one expects a janitor to be anything special, so they just think "Oh, he's a janitor." 

Well, that may be the case, but I'm different from other janitors.  

That's because I'm an undercover ninja.....

See? See? I told you! You're shocked aren't you?

Well, if you promise to pretend you think I'm only a janitor.....then maybe I'll tell you what my secret weapon is.

You want to know? Huh? Can I trust you? Yes? Well, how do I know you're not lying?

Ok, ok! Stop begging! But you'll be shocked at what it is.

Will you be as shocked as you were to find out I was an undercover ninja? No, but you'll still be shocked.

Ok, so my secret weapon is.........a ballpoint pen. Don't try to hide it!

You were shocked.

Everyone underestimates the usefulness of a ballpoint pen.

Especially when it's a laser too.

Yeah, so please I don't want this secret to get out, so keep your mouth shut, ok? Great, so I'm going......somewhere Next time you see me, walk right past me. That way the illusion will still be useful.

"A janitor is needed upstairs."

Well, duty calls. Remember: I'm just a nin-I mean janitor. I'm just a janitor.


items: Janitor, Empire State building, ballpoint pen

The End

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