Hey, It's Ninja!

--a Sword, Middle of the Pacific Ocean, a Ninja--


Heavy rain showered an island City. It was a darkly gray, drizzling wet, sickly cold afternoon. To a wandering stranger, seeking shelter from the outpouring of rain, this afternoon would summon a feeling deep inside his skull, a feeling of despair. He might start to believe a simple fact: that he is a lone, surrounded only by concrete monoliths. By a vast blue ocean. In the middle of nowhere. Alone. Buzzing.

This wandering stranger, however, was not in despair. Loneliness was the very thing he wished to obtain; after all, it was in his job description. Dressed in a bland trench coat way over his size, he paced in measured steps through the numerous pillars of rain charging down to the pavement. His face was stern, unmoving, never giving away any of his thoughts. It was also wrapped around in a black fabric, with a slight opening only for his eyes and a few holes for breathing. On top of that, his head was decorated by a brown mope top hat.

Using any more words to describe his apparel would be pointless, no more than it is now, since as soon as I wrote the last sentence, the stranger revealed his true colors. An increased pace evolved rapidly into a mad dash, revealing his undoubtedly well-honed athletic skills.

As the mad dash continued, he threw away the trench coat and the top hat to
reveal a black, tightly - fitted suit which could best be described as a ninja suit. As he ran across the street to his target's building, a weird, ancient-looking sword rested on his back. It was... it was  Japanese, or , so I... think...






I can't do this anymore!







Enough already!








I want to go home!






(a distant sound of anger, leading to irritated buzzing, door blown wide open)

"What did we just hear, Amy!?! What did you just say!?!"

I said that I want to go home! I've had it with all of this!  The endless descriptions, the clumsy word-acrobatics, the ridiculous characters! Enough already!

"Oh really?"


"And how do you plan to go home, if we may ask?
Do you happen to have a boat?
Is someone coming to your rescue?
Well, Amy?
Cause we're in the middle of the Pacific. Does anyone even KNOW where the HELL you are? Who the HELL you've angered??"


"Tell us, Amy!"


(buzzing noises, similar to swarms of wasps)

"I thought so. Now get back to it or we're gonna have to cut back on your daily bread and water,  just you wait. Two M'klks a day will seem like a luxury."

But... I don't like ... ninja fiction...



"NO, WHAT!?"

No... oh great one.


(whimpering, followed by sobs)

"Now, now, Amy, don't blame us. It's all your fault. We're not to blame here. You found us."

(The sobbing continues)

"Take care now."

(metallic laughter, followed by many clinking noises , door slamming)

Help me.

(sobbing tuns into screaming, a ghoulish roar)

(no screaming anymore, only buzzing)



by    Amelia Earhart  

Prisoner #25686961 of Ygg-Gnsykrdyggk

ALL HAIL Ygg-Gnsykrdyggk
















they are preparing to inv..

The End

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