Forge Your Own Story Challenge!

A challenge and fun test of writing abilities, join in and enjoy yourself. You pick elements off a list and write a short story with them, and its all for the fun of it, come and join us!


I shall soon present you with the challenge my friends, but I warn you only the bravest and the boldest may be willing to take part in such a radical and insane test of one's prowess on a keyboard! You will choose one thing from each of three lists and you then must incorporate them into a very short story. Make sure that is actually included, not just an off-hand mention, and at the top of the entry list what you have chosen.

It doesn't have to be longer than half a page in most word programs, so make sure to get as much out of each sentence as you can, and don't stretch it out too much longer than that. You could even begin an eloquent work that you continue on your own time! Think of this as an opportunity!

It can start however you want and it can end however you want. For as much as I care the entire world could explode in a giant fireball, as long as its entertaining. But fireballs are always entertaining anyway eh? -Cough- Anyway it can be funny. It can be serious. It can be terrifying. It can be a complex look at the human physche. It can be anything. Just remember to keep it entertaining. Anyway I'll stop blathering and give you the list, and the next chapter after this will be my example. Add your own chapter and remember to have fun!

Remember to choose one thing off each list.



A beach ball

A wide-brimmed fedora

A gas lawnmower

A bowl of petunias

A ray gun

A zebra

A gargoyle

A sword

A flying saucer

A ballpoint pen



The Empire State Building

Area 51

The Eiffel Tower

The Moon

Ancient Athens

Las Vegas

Ancient Forest

Hong Kong

Middle of the Pacific Ocean

A space station


People(these can even be your character):

A grizzled war veteran(you choose the war)

A well known political figure(considering how international the site is didn't want to choose one)

A zombie philosopher

A facist frankenstein's monster

A warlock

A janitor

A wandering scholar

An astronaut

A bodygaurd

A ninja


Oh and don't choose the same combination as anyone else :). Have fun!

The End

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