Deran - Gathete Prince

I walk circles around my chamber. Thinking of ways to execute revenge on Shaden. How dare he hold his hand/blade to my neck? He is my best friend! Best friends can't do that to each other.

I don't care if Father says I am not allowed out. I will go out anyway. I can't stand to think of Hallen outside all alone.

With that thought, I go over to my door and open it wide to find my Father standing right in front of it.

"Son." He greets me before moving, uninvited, into my chambers. "I have been hearing that you have been leaving this castle to meet someone." He tells me. Even though his voice is soft, there are multiple layers of anger hidden in between the words.

"And who tells you of this hateful news?" I ask, keeping my tone light in a vague attempt of keeping him calm.

"Your friend, Shaden." Father replys, looking straight into my eyes.

"What!?" I scream.

I see red and start to feel the familiar tingle which allows my body to transform. My hands and legs shrink as I land on all fours. My skin becomes rough and black. A tail twitches out of my tail bone and a snout produces out of my face. My ears grow larger and transfer themselves to the top of my head.

"Son. Turn back now." Father orders as I shake the rough fur out, glaring at him, "If you don't turn back I will throw you in the dungeons for a month." He roars. I think about it. Then, with a sigh, I turn back. I glare at my Father.

"What do you want?" I snarl. Not bothering to sound remotly polite.

"Who have you been seeing?" he asks. I hesitate. I don't know how he would react if I told him, but I have a gut clenching feeling that he already knows.

"A Bioner. Well... Both actually." I finally say.

He lifts one of his muscular arms and moves it back. Before I know what is happening, he has turned it into a shining black sword. He brings it towards me.

I feel nothing and, for one unbelievable second, I think he has missed. But then I look down and see a tear right over my chest, ripping my thin, leather cloak. From left to right. Blood wells up as an unimaginable pain follows. I yelped and then slammed my mouth shut. Fearing the worse. He lifted the sword again and brought it forward. This time it hit my right shoulder. My arm went floppy as the pain built up there as well. I closed my eyes as he struck again. Down my left arm. From the shoulder to the wrist.

"The first is for betraying our god. The second for making your friend lie to me and the third for lying to me. How long have you been seeing these two enemy's?" he snarled. I look up at him.

"It is just the one girl who is half and half and for six months." I answered him. Trying not to show the pain that is crashing through me wave after wave.

"You have been seeing Halen?!" Father screamed. Then he took three deep breaths before speaking again. "For six months you will get the same. You will not leave this castle without a guard. Hopefully then you will learn your lesson." He then storms out of my room. Slamming, and then locking, the door.

"Oh no." I groan. Then I think of Hallen. All alone outside waiting on me. or maybe she has left by now. Or worse. Her father or mother found out. "That's it." I spoke allowed. I looked over at my window. Two stories up. A bird can make that easy.

I concentrated on a golden eagle. My body swallowed itself. The cuts closed up as feathers took over my skin. Long sleek light brown feathers. I jumped up. To the window ledge. I spread my feathers and jumped out. The air caught me and I flapped the wings. I got my sense of direction and started heading in that direction but another bird collided into me. Knocking me off course.

I turned to see a raven coming to me again. I let the birds instincts take over and it fought back. Do golden eagles fight ravens? I thought as I got knocked to the ground. I quickly retransformed so the raven wouldn't take a snack out of me but it followed me down and stood behind my back as I lay spread eagle on the ground.

The raven started to turn. It turned into an unmistakable tall muscular form.

Fathers form.

"I see you still need taught how to follow orders." He said. He whistled and then moved around me. I close my eyes as he puts his boot on my chest. Exactly where the cut had been.

I heard two sets of footsteps.

"Yes?" I heard Shaden ask.

"Yes?" a woman asked. I recognized the voice but didn't know her name. I knew she was in love with Shaden though. Tough luck she has. Shaden doesn't like anyone.

"You get up." Father ordered me. Removing his foot. I did so. "Shaden grab him. Make sure he doesn't escape."

He grabbed my fore arms and pulled them behind me. Then followed Father who told the girl she could leave.

I walked as instructed until we reached the dungeon where Father told Shaden to put me in a cell. Shaden did so. Pushing me as hard as he could, which was very hard. I stumbled into the solid back wall.

"Leave." Father instructed Shaden who left.

Father walked into the cell with me. His green eyes piercing and full of blind rage. Fear twisted itself uncomfortably into my gut.

"Lean against the centre of the wall." He ordered. I did so. To scared to disobey. He grabbed my left wrist and pulled it up. He fastened it to a wrist chain. He grabbed the other and did the same. Then he took the chest one and fattened it over. The only things I could move were my head and legs. I curled my fists in humiliation and anger.

"I would like to see you escape now." Father said as he cut me in the same places again. I barely managed to hold in a scream of agony. He then walked out and locked the cell door.

"I will let you out in six months time." He said before closing the door to the dungeon. Leaving me not knowing wether to scream or cry.

The End

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