Ember: The Other Side of the Door

I sat angrily as Hallen's mother stalked away from her daughter's bedroom, which I was guarding.

Hallen was a nice girl, not even older than I am. Which confused me. Shouldn't I be the older one? The wise one? The one that gives advice?

But no. I'm just as old as she is, still figuring out my job. And it should be simple enough: Guard the door.

But why? Did she do something wrong? I sensed that if she wanted to go, she would try to go through the window. And the window is old and creaky. The people downstairs could hear it.

Meanwhile, I was stuck in a dark dirty corridor all night. I slumped against the wall, feeling angry and defeated. Hallen probably didn't feel much better. Whatever was going on, she wasn't happy about it.

And suddenly I felt as if I was being watched. I turned left, then right. But there was no one there. I tried to shake the feeling of anger and paranoia. But I couldn't. And then I knew. I was being spied on.

"Hallen!" I called into the other room. "No eavesdropping on my thoughts."

I heard a muffled "Whatever!"

I shook my head and held my palm, face up. I felt my senses go into overdrive. I could feel every draft, hear every spider in the wall, see every crack in the ceiling and smell the rotting wood of the door. And my hand felt like pins and needles. My long nimble fingers curled slightly as a small flame burst to life in the middle of my palm. My hand warmed, and so did the rest of me. But as I used it longer, my strength levels went down from 100% to 70%.

My back slid down the wall at the sudden drop in strength.

This was going to be a long night.

The End

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